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Jul 21, 2006 01:08 AM

LA Chower Staying in Evanston

Hello Chicago hounds!

I'm heading to Evanston for a weekend in late August and would like to try a few Chicago specialties while I'm there. I'll probably have one or two dinners to get away and a few lunches. I'd love to try anything unique to Chicago. Sadly, I won't have a car but I don't mind taking a cab if something is worth it. Since it's so few meals price isn't a huge issue but don't want to spend more than say $60/person-- also I'll probably only do a meal like this once.
I'm planning on lou malnattis for pizza but that's all I've gotfrom my searching so far. I'm gonna stay away from Mexican food but am open to anything else.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. I know being specific always helps:

    I'd love to try some Polish food.
    Also whatever specific dishes Chicago is known for.

    Also I'm an adventurous eater.



    1. There have been a number of discussion about good food in evanston - is one.

      In terms of classic chicago food in Evanston would be hot dogs - and mustards last stand comes to mind -

      I am not sure about polish food -