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Jul 21, 2006 12:51 AM

Gordon's Kitchen Nightmares

Did anyone see that episode this Wednesday on BBC was a BAD chef (it was the italian restaurant in the mansion type place with the flambe guy at the end).


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  1. I was not surprised he left a week after Gordon did. Gordon really ruined the job for him because he could no longer slack or abuse his staff, he was exposed for who he really is.

    I really like Kitchen Nightmares, the premise is very straight forward and there is no razzle dazzle like that resto makeover show. Even though GR can be a hard a**, he seems genuinely compassionate about the struggle restaurants face.

    1. Yeah..can't believe that fat dude went with the chef to a FRIGGIN PUB. hah....the little runt dude was funny....the small guy. The kitchen looked like a nightmare...i thought ramsey was going to tell the proprietor to can the chef because he just had zero clue.

      The old flambe guy was a good story....

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        There was one point when he turned to the proprietor I thought he was going to suggest canning the chef but I guess it wouldn't work with his time frame. I liked the flambe guy too, I especially liked how GR appreciated his talents.

      2. Shoot - I *completely* forgot to watch this week! Does anyone know if it's repeated at all before next week's episode? Sounds like a good one.

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          they show an episode every weekday at 4:00 central time on BBC america.

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            Yeah, well working until after 5pm EDT does tend to preclude being able to watch the repeat. :-)

        2. I don't think it repeats.....i have it on a Tivo Season pass......great episode, although I'm still not convinced the restaurant was "made right"....seemed very flimsy

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          1. re: Xericx

            It looks like there are repeats; just not in order and at very odd times.

            Here's the BBC America show schedule:


            The "La Gondola" episode repeats in August.

          2. GR seems much more likeable and intelligent in these episodes (and hence it's much more interesting and watchable, he was even genuinely sweet to the 'little runt' guy) than Hell's Kitchen where he is just horrifically abusive. Even if he has to be, it's no fun to hear or watch. It seems like there aren't many good chefs available to hire in Derby; why would the owner have put up with that charlatan Steve all these years?