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Jul 21, 2006 12:25 AM


hi i finally am getting my hubby to qc with me and want the most romantic resto available. preferably french of course we prefer smaller intimate places and if we could get something with an older feel; all reccs appreciated !THANKS

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  1. I suggest you go walk around the lower part of the old quebec. Rue Sault-au-Matelot. There are a few bistros there that might do the trick. You could also try Le Marie Clarisse, which has that old feeling and serves the best fish in the city.

    1. I loved the St. Amour when I went there years ago.

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        Yes, Saint-Amour would also fit. They also have the most charming garden.

      2. My boyfriend and I went to QC a few months ago and had the most amazing dinner at Le Panache. It's inside the Auberge St-Antoine and is now part of the Relais Ch√Ęteau establishments.
        We had the taster's menu and chose to pick our own wines to accompany the food. Very cozy atmosphere with big cushions and private banquette seating. It's a "special occasion" kind of place ($$$). You can check it out at: