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Jul 21, 2006 12:09 AM

best pizza in austin southside flying pizza

finally! great pizza in austin! anyone tried southside flying pizza?

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  1. Went in last friday. I agree, I thought it was an excellent pie. We had a mushroom and black olive pie and while it was a little too watery (needed to better drain the olives I think), it was probably one of the best pies in Austin. My biggest complaint was the lack of cutlery because the pie was too hot to handle initially. I'm definitely going back and I look forward to trying other combinations. It's also probably the only place I've been in town that has an RC post mix fountain with IBC rootbeer available.

    The crust was close to a NY crust (according to my NY husband), nice browning on the cheese, and I think it was crushed tomatoes, but I wasn't sure. The cheese/sauce balance was good and the black olives were handcut.

    1. Welcome and thanks for the recommendation. Perhaps you could describe what about it makes it the best to you? How are the crust, the cheese, the sauce, the toppings? Are they using fresh mozzarella?

      Everyone has a different idea of good and bad pizza, so details can help a lot.

      1. how does this pizza compare to home slice which i found to be very acceptable,good chew, able to fold,and nice cheese to crust ratio

        1. I went today and ordered a large cheese pizza (I should have gotten the margherita, but was outvoted). The dough/crust here seemed to be missing something.. salt, maybe? Everyone else liked it, but the consensus was that Home Slice is still king in Austin.

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            Has anyone tried Rudino's at 620 and Anderson Mill? I had quite a great experience with them this past weekend. The crust was nice, toppings fresh and sauce kind of delicious! I know most of you aren't from the norhtern region but what the heck...

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              >> Home Slice is still king in Austin.

              Homeslice does indeed make a good pie, but their service and their attitude suck. I have no patience for hipper-than-thou waiters. I'd much rather fo to Flying Pizza where there's great 'za, no line and most of all, no snotty attitude. Homeslice, get over yourself.

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                Thats funny...this is my biggest complaint on most of the joint off South Congress. Food is typically great, but I can't deal with the stinky hipster attitude.

            2. The original comment has been removed