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Jul 21, 2006 12:02 AM

Souffle in DC

I'm visiting DC for a month (from LA), and was wondering if you guys could help recommend places with great souffle! Variety of flavors desired, but places that let you order just the dessert would be nice :)

I just got hooked on the divine dessert when I went to the Paris Casino restaurant and had their pistachio souffle. Roy's (in SD) chocolate souffle was very nice as well. I tried the bread pudding souffle at the Commander Palace in Las Vegas, and found the top to be like a meringue, and the inside too much like bread pudding :)

Thanks so much for the help!
Now that I found this site, I'm sure I'll be asking for lots of help on various topics!

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  1. La Ferme in Chevy Chase has an excellent dessert souffle, and they are participating in Bethesda restaurant week, which ends on Sunday. La Miche in downtown Bethesda is also participating and has a souffle, but I didn't try it and the rest of the food was not nearly as good as at La Ferme.

    Also highly recommend L'Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls.

    Morton's has a molten chocolate cake, which is a good substitute if you need something, and Dino (excellent Itallian) has a Chocolate torte which is a similar concept served with vanilla gelato.

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      I absolutely second the L'Auberge suggestion. It's outside of town, but a beautiful drive down Rt. 193 through Great Falls into the "country." Options are Grand Marnier, Chocolate, Raspberry, and Lemon.

    2. The vanilla bean souffle at Olives (16th and K Street NW) is absolutely decadent...

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        My mouth is watering thinking of the souffle at olives. Its the only reason i would go to that restaurant, but man that souffle is possibly one of the better deserts i've ever had in my life.

      2. Thanks for the great replies! I think Olives is first on the list since it's closest :) I'll have to figure out some sort of transportation to Great Falls.

        mmm, I love good souffle

        1. Went to La Miche on Wednesday (Bethesda): Souffle choices were chocolate and grand marnier. We ordered both and were served within 10 min (seemed quick).

          Both souffles seemed a little undercooked - mushy is the word that comes to mind. The chocolate was light and you could taste the cocoa. The grand marnier was somewhat bland and not too impressive. Overall 5/10

          I still need to get out to Olives, since Great Falls seems too far :(

          1. Le Chaumiere in Georgetown has terrific dessert souflees -- either chocolate or grand marnier