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Jul 21, 2006 12:01 AM


Somewhere I learned that DuMol made great pinot. I requested to be added to their mailing list...and puff, puff, got a letter back saying I had to buy $400 worth of wine first. I'm willing to do that, but wanted some reviews from anyone on these wines.... Do tell!

2004 RRV Chardonnay @ $47.00/bottle
2004 RRV Pinot Noir @ $58.00/bottle
2004 RRV Syrah @ $52.00/bottle

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  1. The RRV PN is still young and tight, but if you decant it for a couple of hours it is very good. Lots of cherry, cinnimon and dark fruits.

    Haven't tried the others, but as a rule DuMol is a very good producer, however, I hate being on captive lists like theirs. If you want to try some very good PNs, try to get on the lists for Radio-Coteau, ROAR, Loring, A.P. Vin, or Dain.

    1. Also, you can get the Pinot from PJ's ( in NY for $53. Shipping will be less than the sales tax you save. (just make sure they don't ship in 100F weather).

      1. I've tasted pretty much everything DuMol has made for the last 5 years. The RRV Chardonnay is huge, very complex and very oaky. The weight of the wine is balanced by very lively fruit and excellent acidity to carry a looooong finish.

        The RRV Pinot Noir is rich and luscious with dark cherry and ripe plummy fruit. The texture is velvety, but, as dinwiddie mentioned, the wine is tight when young and benefits from decanting. I always enjoy that there's a hint of earthiness to the Pinot, too.

        The Syrah is their smallest production wine, and is very highly sought after. I'm a bigger fan of the Pinot & Chardonnay, but the Syrah (Eddie's Patch) is terrific wine: inky, rich, full-throttle California style.

        The single-vineyard Pinots and Chardonnays are usually over the top. While I enjoy tasting those, I'd rather drink the RRV wines on a regular basis.

        If DuMol is in your budget, you won't regret buying the wines. I have never been disappointed by a bottle, and have really enjoyed selling them. I sold a bottle of '04 RRV Pinot Noir to a table last night, and (as usually happens) my guests were planning to go home and get on the mailing list right away.