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Jul 20, 2006 11:51 PM

Coal Vines? [Dallas] Pizza

I just read the Coal Vine's review on Guidelive.

Two questions:

1) Who is that reviewer? I'm not familiar with her work.

2) Is the pizza anything like Fireside Pies? Better? Worse?


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  1. In my opinion it's the best pizza in Dallas by far. Much better than Fireside Pies, although a very different style. NY style thin crust baked in a very very hot coal fired oven.

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      If you want to ea overprized pizza and/or meet blonde chicks with enhanced body parts go to Fireside Pies or Coal Vines. If you want to eat excellent pizza ther is (sadly) only one place to go in DFW: Campania.

    2. Well I went here recently to find every waiter running around like they couldn't find the tables; no hostess; manager that couldn't look you in the eye; no pizza dough!; and worst of all, an owner(Joe Palladino)who arrogantly introduced himself as if proud of a pizza joint that has no dough. What a Napoleonic jerk!

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        Our first time there, we waited and waited to order then grabed the wrong Asian waiter. (Apparently the Asian girls are the only ones that fit inside.) Anyhow, she helped us with our orders and questions. Been back almost 11 times now (sometimes just my husband and I, and 2 times with 6-7 people) and Andria always serves us. Ask for her and you can't go wrong. She won't try to rush you out.

      2. Frontburner posted an email conercing Coal Vines:

        1. Went there on Friday for lunch. Service was polite and attentive (despite the fact that the interior and most of the patio were full). The pizza took a while to arrive--maybe a half hour. But it was good pizza. Thin crust, bubbled and charred in places, crisp all the way across, and with a nice chew. (One of the two pizzas got a little cracker-like in a couple of spots. Not too bad, though.) Toppings didn't overwhelm the crust. Easily in the top tier for pizza in Dallas. I'll definitely be back, though perhaps I should wait till some of the post-review madness dies down.


          1. The original comment has been removed