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Jul 20, 2006 11:29 PM

Friday morning breakfast spots between Koreatown and the Hollywood Bowl

Tomorrow is my day to take the pups to their Summer Sounds gig at the Hollywood Bowl. Typically on my day off, we sneak off early and have breakfast together before doing whatever. For several months now, we've been wandering over to Ricks at the edge of Silverlake which the kids enjoy greatly, particularly the pancakes, french toast and burrito with chorizo [if only we had known that Ricks was showing the World Cup on its tv, we wouldn't have been so late to breakfast the other week!]. When we don't go to Ricks we are often found at Yung Ho in the SGV eatting Chinese breakfast.

But I'm wondering if tomorrow might be a good day to try something new.

Mind you, I am not into double digit scrambled eggs to feed to my 6 year old but if there are any reasonable, casual comfy spots in the Hollywood area, we would be game to trying them out. For that matter, are there Thai breakfast joints or Korean breakfast joints that are particularly pleasing? I know that Korean breakfast places exist but I'm not sure I want to rely on the Times review to select my spot.


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  1. I think they have Thai breakfast at Sunset Thai, but I've never tried it. This isn't ethnic, and only a step up from Rick's (you guys are brave!), but do you ever go to Eatz at the golf course? It's very reasonable and kids seem to like the patio.

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      You know, if your goal is basic breakfast, Ricks is not half bad. [and they just redid all the booths!] If you order "the Big Breakfast" --which one can do when one has an 8 year old who already eats like he's 16-- the ham slice turns out to be a real slice of ham and big too. As a ham fan, I find it most satisfying and reminiscent of grandma's house. And the pups decided they like the pancakes and french toast better than Swingers [their old fav]. Of course, the waitresses at Ricks are not all neatly tattooed like the ones at Swingers but one can't have everything.

      Didn't know about Eatz at the golf course. I will have to check it out.

    2. I think Grub is terrific. Around Highland & Melrose (on Seward). They only serve breakfasts until 10 am though on weekdays. Great patio, lots of kid-friendly items, comfort food.

      And there's always Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles (Gower & Selma)... you could skip the chicken and have the waffles, or the eggs & grits etc.

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        I hadn't heard of grub before but I am very familiar with that corner. We will have to check it out. Thank you.

        We know and love Roscoes. Chicken for breakfast would probably go over well with the kids, especially if I get my daughter an order of wings--she has a "thing" for bones!?!?!?

      2. why not SquareOne on Fountain? Others have written good things about the food, I think the food's good and fresh, and my SO *swears* that their eggs benedict and that egg-and-brioche-dish-in-the-skillet are the best egg dishes he's ever had. That's saying a LOT.

        It may not be the most adventurous of breakfasts, but it should be good. And you can always watch the hordes of name-tagged Scientologists walk by the window...

        Square One Dining
        4854 Fountain Ave.
        Los Angeles, CA 90029
        (323) 661-1109
        I know there's a site, but I can't find the url, sorry! >_<


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          I really enjoy Square One, especially sitting on the patio. Always nice servers, great coffee, well-prepared food. The grits are amazing (I prefer them plain but you can get them with bacon and cheese). The oatmeal with maple syrup and bourbon pecans is superb. Also had lunch there once and it was very good as well.

        2. I love Square One too, but it sounded like she wanted more inexpensive places, and when I took my kids to Square One, we spent about $50 -- not that fun when some of them eat three bites of the $8.00 pancakes. But they did say they were the best pancakes they had had. Website is
          I used to eat at Rick's when I first moved to Silver Lake in about 1986 -- we always thought it was a great deal!

          1. Chowpatty or Jenn--
            Could you post where to find Rick's? I'm embarassed that I live in Silverlake & have never heard of it! I searched for it on Yahoo's yellow pages, but nothing turned up...
            Also, Antequera de Oaxaca on Melrose at Western might be a good, inexpensive spot for breakfast (I think they open early... but call to be sure 323-466-1101).