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Jul 20, 2006 11:08 PM

dinner with 6-year-old in Silver Lake/Los Feliz?

I'm having dinner this weekend with a small group that includes a six-year-old. For someone who's six, she has a pretty sophisticated palate. In addition to grilled cheese, hot dogs and other basic kid food, she loves stuff like shrimp and veggies -- but other than California Rolls, she doesn't like food that's mixed together. Does anyone have thoughts about someplace that would be fun for kids and grownups? Sushi, maybe? Something near Silverlake/Los Feliz would be ideal. Thanks!

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  1. Perhaps Home on Los Feliz? The ownership has changed and the food is much improved although we get only carryout. They used to have a really cute room you could dine in with kids complete with sofas and a full toy box. It's not haute cuisine but decent upscale coffeeshop type fare.

    1. Oops. Home is on Hillhurst, not Los Feliz Blvd.

      1. Other possibilities are Il Capriccio or Farfalla, both have plenty of kid-friendly Italian dishes. My kids like Malo -- they're not very adventurous, but they like the carne asada tacos (without onions, of course) and the quesadilla.

        1. Everywhere in Los Feliz or Silver Lake is kid-friendly-there's TONS of kids over here !

          -San Sui (sushi)on Hillhurst
          -Chi Dynasty (Chinese)on Hillhurst (has a nice fish tank)
          -Dusty's on Sunset
          -Mexico City (food is not great-but Margarita's and Sangria!)

          Agree also w/ Chowpatty re : Malo & Farfalla.
          The service at Home can be slow (not what you want w/ a kid !).

          1. I forgot about San Sui. My son quite liked their California Roll, and they have a good selection of cooked dishes, and a small patio.
            I've heard that Dusty's is painfully slow, but still haven't tried it.