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Jul 20, 2006 10:37 PM

Tapas- small plates not too expensive


I am looking to go out next wednesday with some people from work to have some drinks drink/tapas. We are a group of 8, and don't want to go super expensive- so Casa Mono or Tia Pol are out. We had a reservation at 'inoteca, but they want to force us onto a pre-fix $35 food menu, and we just want to have a few small plates. I had thought Oliva could work, but I've read some bad reviews. I am not attached to the idea of Spanish- could be italian or just small plates. Good cocktails would be nice, but a good wine list that isn't super expensive would work too. Downtown preferably, but not indispensable. Has anyone been to 'El Jardin de las Tapas' on Sulivan and Bleecker?
Any other suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. A great bet for small plates is Alta (W.10th, just east of 6th Ave.). It's especailly good for groups. They don't really serve spanish tapas, but all kinds of creative options- think lamb meatballs, fried goat cheese balls with lavender honey, skirt steak w/ chimichurri, mmm... It's not cheap, but more reasonable than Casa Mono.

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      although i like alta, i don't think this is a cheaper option. i feel like tia pol is much cheaper than alta.

    2. Barca on Park Ave South in the 20s is worth checking out, IMO. Pretty authentic tapas. Beware the intense bar crowd on weekend nights, however.

      1. If it doesn't have to be spanish Tapas, and you're willing to go uptown, Fig and Olive might be a fun place.