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Kombucha Cultures - where to buy?

Does anyone know where to buy the Kombucha culture used to make homemade tea? All I found were websites but not an actual place that I can look at the Kombucha culture before I buy it. Thanks!

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      No they don't - they sell the packaged tea, but do not sell the active live culture. Thanks for trying.

      1. re: Shoefly

        The tea has live cultures. If you introduce oxygen into the bottle, the fermentation goes wild.

        1. re: SteveG

          Today at Rainbow, I noticed a second type of kombucha for sale. The individual bottles with added flavor (lemon, fruit juice, etc.) do contain live cultures, but in the health supplements section of the store in a stand-alone fridge, I found a 750 mL bottle of crazy imported German Kombucha containing black tea, sugar, and live cultures. The label indicated it would be cloudy due to the live culture, and claimed various certifications and internal purity checks for their production process.

          A helpful fellow shopper of the type you could only meet at Rainbow Grocery saw me reading the bottle, and stopped to tell me "you'll like that product. It's sort of the Rolls Royce of Kombuchas." OK then, into the cart it goes...I'll post back if I feel ten years younger by the end of the week.

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        1. The stand that sells the yummy kraut at the Saturday Berkeley Farmers Market also sells kombucha kits (including the baby - I think it's called a baby) for $25. It's called Cultured, I believe and they are near the MLK end of the market.

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          1. I dont know where to buy the culture...but I do know that after drinking the Kombucha drinks I buy at Whole Foods, I feel a million dollars.