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Jul 20, 2006 10:28 PM

Ton Kiang

Was out on Geary Blvd at lunch and went with three happy dim sum eaters. Great dishes served at the moment they get out of the cooker. Price was half of Yank Sing, parking no better.

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  1. Oh man, I'm such a fan. I think their dim sum is much better than Yank Sing and it feels more authentic to me.

    1. I like it too but the last time I went, all afternoon I felt like I had a hangover - the food must have been SO salty, I was parched. I did like it at the time though. yum.

      1. I have never really had dim sum there and have only been for dinner (they deliver, too!). But I love their food. I wish more people would discuss their other dishes

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        1. re: chaddict

          one of the best things i have ever eaten was their noodle dish with dried scallops and enoki mushrooms. it was fabulous. lots of dried scallop shreds (but not too much), lots of mushrooms (but not too much), and perfect noodles. mmmm!

          1. re: artemis

            my favorites are the salt and pepper prawns, salt baked chicken, and pea shoots.

            1. re: chaddict

              Has Ton Kiang stopped overcooking the salt baked chicken? Before it moved to the current location, the chicken was red at the bone. Not so the last two times I've had it, a big disappointment.

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                To be fair, I haven't been in a year, so who knows. But it was red enough at the bone to make my roommate not eat it. Ha, more for me! But take with a grain of salt: I am no Chinese food expert!

          2. re: chaddict

            I also like the noodles with dried scallops, salt baked chicken, and pea shoots. The chicken has never seemed overcooked to me, but I guess I wouldn't want it to still be red at the bone, so maybe it's personal preference. All their green vegetable preparations are good. More favorites are barbecued pork with snow peas, salt and pepper scallops, shredded chicken chow mein, twice cooked pork with cabbage, and prawns with snap peas in house chili sauce. My husband likes the shrimp-stuffed eggplant, but I think it's kind of oily (eggplant being a sponge for that). We also love the shrimp-stuffed crab claws, but we are suckers for deep-fried seafood.

          3. Go to Koi Palace if you have never been. TK is a great alternative though. Love their stuffed shrooms.

            1. If the line at Ton Kiang is too long, try Golden River next door. We like it better.

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              1. re: Tripeler

                Like it better for dim sum, other food items, or everything? If the non-dim sum food items are better than Ton Kiang, I definitely need to check this out. What should I order (not dim sum)? Thanks!

                1. re: Tripeler

                  can't really agree with you there. particularly with the food items in general (since i've never had the dim sum at golden). had a few dishes there for dinner a couple times. found them... unimpressive.

                  had an eggplant with garlic sauce where the eggplant was cooked to mush. also had "dao mew" (snow pea tips) and they left on the harder older stalks, which kinda ruins the whole point. (its supposed to be all nice and young tasting leaves/stems)

                  on the other hand they give you a larger portions for less money... so that's something i suppose

                  1. re: spork

                    i had dinner at golden river a couple weeks ago, and was frustrated by the waitress' smiling unwillingness (inability?) to translate what was on the chinese menu, both the handheld version and the specials taped to the wall. we eventually persuaded her to tell us what was on the whiteboard of specials.

                    we ordered the specials pea tips with "abalone mushroom" and found it to be fresh tasting and delicious. We also got a specials whole steamed fish with the soy-scallion sauce; i thought the sauce was under seasoned, but fish cooked nicely. and to compare to ton kiang's, the english menu noodles with dried scallops. there wasn't enough scallop or mushroom, but the noodles were perfectly cooked, with a nice chew. overgelatinized mango pudding at the end.

                    as we were leaving, a massive (6 tables of 10) chinese (or chinese-american) group arrived and their dishes started coming out. it all smelled and looked great and was definetely not on the english menu. they looked like they could afford to go more upscale if they wanted to, so they must be satisfied with golden river.

                    next time i go, i'm bringing people who can read the chinese menus!

                    1. re: artemis

                      I have to confess -- I read Chinese, and ordered off the wall signs. Yes, DO go along with someone who reads Chinese. I am now wondering if having an English-language menu is essential for success with non-Chinese folks.