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Jul 20, 2006 10:25 PM

Divino in Belmont

The long wait for first class Italian food on the Peninsula may be at and end. I had a wonderful lunch of pasta, sausage, peas, in a tomato cream sauce that was first rate.
Sure enough these are the same guys as Bacco in Diamond Heights. i do not see them reviewed often here and wonder if, the Peninsula menu is the same as the city menu.
Let's give these guys a full workout and review, lunch, dinner, and the wine list (corkage a modest $16) and compare notes!
Divino on Ralsotn 2 blocks west of El Camino.

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  1. Thanks for posting about Divino. As you say, complaints about Italian food in the area have been one of the enduring themes on the board. No online menu yet for Divino, but here are the websites for Divino and Bacco.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      I just visited the website and they have now posted their menus.

      1. re: Nancy Berry

        Thanks, Nancy.

        The reports post-Bauer review have been all over the spectrum. Worth doing a board search for various opinions. I'm waiting for things to settle down before I try it.

      1. I found lots of post when I searched and they were almost unanimously positive ! Hopefully they'll be as good down there (they both live near Divino so they have a vested interest in making it work).

        By the way, Bacco is in the heart of Noe Valley, not Diamond Heights.

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        1. re: NoeMan

          Well, I've been twice now. If you search on Divino, you'll find my reaction to my first meal. A few weeks ago, I returned with a friend, and she posted a review. We were underwhelmed. And they really have to work on their service.

          Disappointing, considering the price.

          1. re: cbepicure

            I didn't realize you meant no reviews for Divino. Sorry. Bacco is well reviewed and that is what I thought you were looking for.

        2. It's on the money, even on Saturday night. The food's fantastic, could compete with any little SF Italian. Since it's in Belmont, however, its biggest competition is "A.G. Ferrari And His Eight Dollar Bag Of Strozzapreti."

          Our waiter was a great Italian dude (I like calling Italian guys "dudes," I think they'd enjoy that very much, after the long plane ride) who knew the menu and the wines well. The food was refined, the service prompt.

          The only problem is that even when half full, the noise grows so loud that you get a headache and become mad. They're probably aware of this. Go early, before everyone is mad.