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Help-hungry in Andover MA

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We will be in the Andover area and would really appreciate recs for good, medium priced American, chinese, and fish restaurants. A nice diner for lunch would also be useful. Thanks!

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  1. Joe Fish. Good fish, good prices.

    1. For fish I agree Joe Fish is a good choice in N. Andover, The Loft next door is a good choice for American, and a little further up that road is China Blossom for good American Chinese food.
      Right in Andover for med. priced American Grassfield's is good. In the same plaza as Grassfield, is Thai Sweet Basil.
      For a diner for lunch, if you have a car and don't mind driving to Lawrence, the is Cedar Crest Restaraunt, 187 Broadway in Lawrence.

      1. You might want to try Glory (its a little upscale) or Dillion's (good pub grub). Both in downtown Andover

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          i'll second the Glory recc. however, i did hear that the long standing chef of Glory left very recently and the food has taken quite a hit. does anyone know if this is true?

        2. China Blossom on Route 125 in North Andover has decent Chinese food.

          1. Sweet Basil has wonderful Thai food and for a diner, try the Shawsheen Luncheonette. I second Grassfields. Their menu is great and has a variety of meat and seafood dishes.

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              Duh! I drive past The Shawsheen Luncheonette every day going to work - can't believe I couldn't remember it for a lunch place!

            2. Keeping to the same general area (Andover/North Andover or Rte 93/495), does anyone know of a place to have a business dinner for about 6 people on a Monday evening? Somewhere on the quiet side that doesn't mind lingering?

              1. For Chinese in the area, LEe Chen is good. It is right off of 495- at the Rte 114 exit.

                For Jana- YOu nmay want to try Burtons for a business dinner. It isnext to Staples on Rte 114. I would call ahead for reservations, and let them know it is a business meeting. They are really accomodating- we use them for our meetings and have always been happy.

                1. Thai Basil is decent Thai (although I'm not a good judge of excellent Thai), Grassfields is also decent according to co-workers.

                  Burton's Grill in No. Andover on Route 114 is a bit higher-end. Their risotto fritters app is very good!


                  I can recommend Glory in downtown Andover and while I haven't been to Joe Fish in awhile, it was good last winter. The Loft is good for burgers (just next door to Joe Fish on Route 125


                  Others have recommended Cassis (a French bistro) over Glory, but I've never been so I can't offer any comparison.


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                    I would also recommend Cassis over Glory, but it is pricier

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                      i too am a big cassis fan but i think of it more as a quiet place for an intimate evening. however, i think as far as price is concerned the two (cassis and glory) are pretty equal. plus, cassis only serves wine and cordial drinks, no beer or cocktails.

                  2. For seafood (and other dishes) with a Carribean flare, try Mango Grille on 125 in North Andover. The goat cheese croustada makes a delicious appetizer, stick with the fresh seafood entrees, and save room for the key lime pie! They also make fantastic drinks!

                    The atmosphere here is pretty casual, with palm trees. colored lights and parrot decoys. Think Jimmy Buffett.


                    1. My wife and I ate at China Blossom tonight and can only say stay away from the buffet. The food when edible was tastless. I can't comment on items ordered off the menu but the buffett should be banned.