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Jul 20, 2006 10:07 PM

Westside Rehearsal dinner suggestions 50+ people

Hi all,
New to chowhound and getting married in November. Wondering if anyone has suggestions for a unique, fabulous place for a rehearsal dinner ($40-50/person) for about 50 people. Some kids under five.
thanks in advance!

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  1. At one point, I was seriously considering a private party at Monsoon Restaurant on the Third Stree Promenade in Santa Monica. It's exotic and different looking and not outrageously expensive...and no, you don't have to order the crickets and ants that are on the menu!

    1. Castaway in Burbank has private rooms that can fit such a large number of people. You may also consider hotel restaurants, like Cut in Regent Beverly Wilshire, or Belvedere at the Peninsula, or Cezanne or One Pico in Santa Monica.

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        You could do the dinner at Cut or the Belvedere, or you could buy a house in Brentwood for about the same amount. How much do you want to spend??

        1. re: Hunter

          Oops. Just realized you want to spend that much. Guess you've already got the house in Brentwood. Gongraulations!

          1. re: Hunter

            Unfortunately, no house in Brentwood Hunter :) Of course, if I can find a nice place for under $40, I'll take it ...

      2. The Restaurant at The Getty has a private room available, and I believe the dinners are in your price range. The view is impressive, and the food is great too. Your guests could wander around the museum ahead of time, and there's no charge for that (other than parking).

        I'm looking for a wedding rehearsal dinner location for October, so I've done the research. I wish The Getty was in my budget!

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        1. re: WestsideLisa

          Thanks will check at the Getty. If you don't mind suggesting any other options you found (lower prices work for me too) I'd appreciate them as well.

        2. I would suggest the outside patio at Il is really nice, the water feature keeps you from hearing the traffic and the food is really good.

          1. We had our rehearsal dinner at Koutoubia restaurant in Westwood...this is a Moroccan restaurant w/ big cushions to sit on and a set menu under $30.00.This was fun and a different experience then your basic sit down.The owner Michel is a bit of a character,and he will push the drinks like crazy to bump up thetab,so be wary.