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Jul 20, 2006 09:59 PM

New Mr. Baguette opened today in Monterey Park

Today was the grand opening of their new location on Atlantic Blvd, a couple blocks south of Garvey Ave (same mall as NBC restaurant). Had their roast beef baguette and a baguette to go for lunch and it was great as usual.

On another note, the city is buiding a huge mall on Atlantic between Garvey and the 10 freeway and I heard there was a Loews theatre as well as several restaurants going in - anyone know what restaurants they'll be?

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  1. when are they opening one on sawtelle.

    instant $$$$$

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    1. re: yoyoma25

      I'd love that! It would save the drive to Bolsa in Westminster or to Valley Blvd. in the San Gabriel Valley.

      1. re: liu

        Where is the one in Westminster? Are you thinking of Top Baguette?

        1. re: Professor Salt

          Yes, Professor Salt, I am thinking of Top Baguette. I am sorry to have misled you. Actually, I was thinking about bahn mi in general. I am always thinking about bahn mi; whether it is Top Baguette, Mr. Baguette, or Bahn Mi Che Cali or any other, each has something delicious to offer. One has great bread, another has great Vietnamese iced coffee, and another has great desserts -- I like them all!

          I have read many interesting posts of yours -- which do you prefer?

          1. re: liu


            You've named three winners there, and you're right, they're all great at something but not at everything. Don't wanna hijack this thread, so I'll just throw out that I also like Banh Mi Cho Cu on Magnolia in Westminster. That'll round out a few personal faves.

            1. re: liu

              Good! I will put this one on my list for our next visit in that neighborhood. Is it possible that (whoops...just noticed my spelling error...B-A-N-H!) the shop you mention, Banh Mi Cho Cu is at the end of a strip mall, on a corner, with maybe two tables outside, with really great iced coffee?
              We frequent one small restaurant there, but I don't know its name, and it is quite good.
              I know this is very vague, but if you tell me that it is on a corner, on an end of a strip mall, it might be the same place.

              1. re: liu

                liu, yes that sounds like Cho Cu. SE corner of Magnolia & Hazard

                14520 Magnolia St #B

          2. re: yoyoma25

            They'll have to sell a lot more $1.75 sandwiches than usual to pay the rent on Sawtelle.

            1. re: yoyoma25

              yoyoma, do you know that they're opening on Sawtelle, or are you wishing out loud?

            2. Has anyone tried the pastries? Or the pork with hint of lemongrass?

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              1. re: babalu

                I have tried both the pork as well as the pastries at Mr. Baguette (the original in Rosemead), both quite delicious.

                The pastries are delectably flaky.


              2. There is Bahn Mi in Gardena that is pretty good (though not as good as Mr. Bagette and Mr Lee's, and not the same selection) and only $2 per sandwich. It's called Daily Wok and it's on Western x Gardena Blvd. which is about 3 miles North of the 405. They also serve Pho.

                1. had lunch here on saturday - i've been to at least 3 banh mi shops on valley ( i have not been to the original mr baguette ) - had the house special and for SO, a ham/cheese. This is by far the best baguette i've ever had - the fillings were very good and plentiful - the price was a little higher then what i've paid at the other valley blvd locations but the quality of the baquette alone makes it worth the extra $1. my only complaint - the veggies were given in a little baggie on the side - the other places i'ver been to ask me if i want it on the side, if they even ask at all - i assumed that by not asking that they would just put the veggies on the sandwich - i'll remember this next time i visit. as to the ham and cheese - i was surprised that it was pre-made.....not sure why... i had to chuckle when i was leaving the place, i had to do a double take - i thought it had a drive-thru appears the space used to be a bank that had one of those drive-up tellers...i wish it had a drive thru - it was about 110 degrees when we stopped there...i would have preferred staying in the car...

                  1. would a bahn mi place on sawtelle not blow up even if the sandis were a dollar or two more?