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Jul 20, 2006 09:38 PM

Hidden Steak Sandwich or Similar Food on the (Mid) Peninsula

My Grandma recently got out of the hospital after a long stint. She lost a bunch of weight and we are trying to fatten her up. She is a sucker for a great burger or steak sandwich.

The family goes out every Friday. There are 3 Hounds, Grandma (who will eat anything, even if she doesn't like it to please others) and 2 Non-hound types. The family has been going to the same dozen restaurants for years and we are looking for somewhere new...hopefully with a great steak sandwich.

In recent rotation we have Bucks in Woodside, Bankok Bay, Gambardellas, and Izzys. Although Bucks is fine, I am not wow'ed by it, and the others are just the "usual" places, except Izzy's which I was not pleased with, even for the "value" of it. (The steak sandwich at Buck's by the way, looked nice.)

I am tired of these usual places and am looking for some Hound advice.

So the parameters are that the place has to be nice (not fancy, but no dives) and quiet enough for 2 grandparents in their 80s, have a good steak sandwich, and a bonus would be a great Louie salad (Grandpa's favorite). For an idea of what she likes, Grandma used to love the burgers and steak sandwiches at the Harbor House at Pete's Harbor. The likes it when either comes on a sour dough roll. Driving distance isn't too far. San Mateo would be pushing it and further than Atherton is out of the question. (These are not my travel limitations, just the "comfort zone" that the Grandfolks travel in.)

Any ideas Hounds?

Thanks in advance from me (and Grandma!)


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  1. is the city too far out of the question? jump onto king st, from 280 and swing a left on 5th. it's right past howard st on your left hand side. it's a pub, not a dive bar, and nothing fancy.

    Chieftain Cheeseburger with everything.

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      As stated in the post, San Mateo is as far north as Grandpa is willing to go.


    2. Sneakers in San Carlos makes a passable burger, not wow-sy, Pudleys on El Camino, San Carlos and the Canyon Inn ( in Redwood City may be worth a try.

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        Have you been to the Canyon Inn? The menu looks interesting, but the "pictures" section is limited to the outside of the place. What is it like inside? Harry's Hofbrau? Nicer? Is it more of a bar? Not as nice? I don't really care, just want to make sure my Grandparents would be comfortable there.

        Thanks for this suggestion, I am a RWC native and have NEVER heard of it!


        1. re: Jeni Bean

          I haven't been to Canyon Inn, it's definitely a locals kinda place, I have friends that eat there but they don't rave about it. There is another burger place that friends of mine go to in Menlo, it's on El Camino, the name escapes me at the moment, it has a large grill in the middle of the can't miss it when you drive by it. I wish the Peninsula had more to offer, I'd love a great tri-tip sandwich...

      2. I think Vics in San Carlos (San Carlos Ave, south side) between Laurel and El Camino) has both steak sand/small steak option (not great but not bad) and Louis salad.

        1. if they like philly steak sandwiches, the best ones in hubby (who's from philly) opinion is Joe's philly steak on el camino in san carlos. And on wed night, I believe, they have all the old cars out in the parking lot to look at... sneakers has good burgers, and lots of salad or steak options... Vics is a little old school/dinerish for me.

          1. Jeffreys in San Mateo (B Street and 1st Avenue) has excellent burgers and steak sandwiches -- ask them to hold everything but the steak and onions, otherwise I think it comes with some type of sauce.