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Anniversary Dinner in Memphis?

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My husband and I are looking for restaurant in Memphis to go to celebrate our 1st anniversary. We want great food, of course, and will probably enjoy a bottle of wine. I have thought of Cielo, Lolo's Table, McEwen's on Monroe, and Felicia Suzanne's, although we have not been to any of these. Can anyone help? Please feel free to suggest new ideas too.

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  1. I get to Memphis 2-3x/year, so I'm sure a local will have better ideas, but.... I love McEwen's, especially if you like wine. Felicia S' seems less anniversary-ish to me, but is quite nice. Haven't been to the other 2.

    1. A few of my suggestions: Jim's Place East, Jarrett's, The Grove Grill.

      1. I haven't been to Lolo's, but love the other three you mention. I also really like Stella downtown. F. Suz. seems the most anniversary-like. The best meal I've had in town in quite a while was at Tsunami, but that's not perhaps the best anniversary place.

        1. Personally my favorite is in East Memphis - is Erling Jensens pricey but well worth it in terms of quality and service -

          1. Of the four you listed, Cielo is my favorite - it's got great, unique atmosphere. The food's always good, but my one reservation is that the wine list is very short and overpriced.

            If you can splurge, I'd second the Erling's recommendation.

            1. Encore is always good jose Gutierrez'z Restaurant

              1. My wife and I went to Lolo's Table for our one year anniversary just back in May. I thought the service was great and the atmosphere was just right for us. We both ordered the roasted duck -fantastic- and shared bottle of wine. It was pretty pricy. Most of the dinners were $22-$28. The wine we had was great but like 2.5-3 times more expensive than from the wine store. I was very surprised to find the same bottle for $10 at our favorite wine store.

                Speaking of which, I'd recomend asking your question to a manager of your favorite wine shop. Many of them notice which places in town have a good wine selection at a good price.

                1. McEwen's is great, but again, Erling Jensen's is worth the extra $$$ if you can afford it. Cielo is SOOOO romantic and beautiful, but the food is just not that special to me. Never been to Lolo's, and Felicia Suzannes is a little too much of a contrived setting, imo. It just isn't somewhere you want to relax and enjoy an anniversary dinner. Hope this helps.