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Jul 20, 2006 09:10 PM

beleza pura

has anyone tried this? i saw an article mentioning it in food & wine - it's a ready-made caipirinha in a bottle - "just add ice". they said it was good, but i have my doubts. reviews?

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  1. the beleza pura pre-made caipirinha is the best pre-made cocktail i've ever tried. that's not saying much though, as most of them are terrible. i don't think the technology to replicate the flavor and aroma of freshly squeezed juice exists yet. making drinks can be a pain, so if you're feeling lazy i think this stuff is acceptable. it has good acidity and isn't too sweet and beleza pura is a good cachaca.

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      thanks, warrenr! i frequently feel lazy, so i may give this a try.

    2. Yeah it's great... the regular Beleza Pura cachaca is also a great smooth product if you want to make your own caipirinhas.

      1. I first saw Beleza Pura Cachaca in a Brazilian cuisine segment on NBC's Today Show. I tried it & found it to be one of the best Cachacas I've had. Then, I found out they offer the ready-made Caipirinha... oh man -- excellent flavor with ZERO work. I add ice & a mint leaf & my friends think I've created the best cocktail they've tasted.

        1. Any one know where I can buy the pre-made caipirinha in NYC?

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            Well, the best idea is to check the "Where to Find" section on their website: (or, specifically:

          2. The original comment has been removed