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Jul 20, 2006 08:19 PM

Pink's..will there be a long line Saturday for lunch

Do you guys think the line at Pink's Saturday for lunch will be long? If so, would it be worth the drive from the SFV for a Hot dog with lost of different fixins?

Would it be better just to go to The Stand?


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  1. There is NEVER a short line at Pink's. And it's hot out. I'd skip it, but that's just me.

    1. If your're interested in the better hotdog, definately go to The Stand. And it's closer, too.

      1. we drove to pink's at 2pm (thinking the line will be shorter, NO!) so we ended up eating across the street at PIG's. it was a good alternative and huge servings (barbeque fare)

        1. Interested in hot dogs for breakfast? I regularly go on weekends between 10 and 11 and there is almost never any line to speak of.

          1. I live in walking distance from Pink's and the is INSANE, partly b/c of the reputation as a tourist destination and partly b/c some of the dogs rock.
            My advice: Go before 12pm or after 4pm on Saturday (be careful of street parking on La Brea from 4pm-7pm)

            If you have any possibility at all, go during that 4pm-6pm time frame, or before noon...or not at all on Saturday.

            Alternatives are Carney's on Sunset, or as someone mentioned, the Pig a little further South on La Brea...they have LARGE portions.