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Pink's..will there be a long line Saturday for lunch

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Do you guys think the line at Pink's Saturday for lunch will be long? If so, would it be worth the drive from the SFV for a Hot dog with lost of different fixins?

Would it be better just to go to The Stand?


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  1. There is NEVER a short line at Pink's. And it's hot out. I'd skip it, but that's just me.

    1. If your're interested in the better hotdog, definately go to The Stand. And it's closer, too.

      1. we drove to pink's at 2pm (thinking the line will be shorter, NO!) so we ended up eating across the street at PIG's. it was a good alternative and huge servings (barbeque fare)

        1. Interested in hot dogs for breakfast? I regularly go on weekends between 10 and 11 and there is almost never any line to speak of.

          1. I live in walking distance from Pink's and the is INSANE, partly b/c of the reputation as a tourist destination and partly b/c some of the dogs rock.
            My advice: Go before 12pm or after 4pm on Saturday (be careful of street parking on La Brea from 4pm-7pm)

            If you have any possibility at all, go during that 4pm-6pm time frame, or before noon...or not at all on Saturday.

            Alternatives are Carney's on Sunset, or as someone mentioned, the Pig a little further South on La Brea...they have LARGE portions.

            1. As somebody mentioned The Stand is much closer and offers better hot dogs. A few blocks east of The Stand is the best hot dog place in LA, Weiner Factory. Plenty of topping choices, great service, good prices.

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                I second the Weiner Factory...living near Kester it's the greatest perk in the 'hood. I love Sabretts and the chili cheese dogs with brown mustard are SOOOooo good. My mouth is watering thinking about 'em. They have lots of toppings choices and just started serving NY Style Knishes again, although I havn't tried one yet. Good soda mix too if that matters to you.

              2. Can't imagine it'd be worth it unless it gets WAY cooler this weekend. OTOH, I can't think of ANY food, anywhere, worth standing in line in 90 degree weather for an hour for, except maybe weekend dinner at K-paul's in New Orleans, during the second weekend of Jazzfest, and there at least you can drink while you wait...

                1. I got there early one morning and watched them "make" the chili. I've never been back. If you're going to come over the hill, have a steak burger at The Apple Pan. Now that's worth the trip!

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                    "make"....please elaborate!!!

                    1. re: kiwi

                      It was this near solid, cold mass that was being dumped into a pot to be heated. I don't know where it came from but it sure didn't wet my appetite.

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                        considering that i dont go to pinks for quality but rather a future heart attack, i dont really mind how they make their chili.

                        When i go there, i rarely ever get a chili dog. I have never been very fond of their chili.

                        During my big(heavier) days i'd normally get a Guadalajara dog and a Poli-Bacon Chili Cheeseburger.

                        My only reason for going to pinks is for the unique menu. Oh yeah they're chili fries and onions rings are great too from what i remember.

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                          Funny, that's what my homemade chili looks like when I dump a batch in a pot to heat after it's been in the freezer. I don't know about Pink's, but mine is real good.

                          Maybe if someone is really curious about this, they might want to actually contact management of Pink's and ask where it comes from. Could be they are actually cooking the chili offsite in a commercial kitchen or commisary they have somewhere, or it could be that the chili comes off the back of a Sysco truck.

                          No sense speculating though. Anyone actually taste Pink's chili recently?

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                            I guess we're just lucky not to watch the hot dogs getting made.

                    2. You pay extra to stand in that line. That's the Pink's experience.

                      1. I like hot dogs as much as the next carnivore, but what on earth is the big deal with Pink's. Seriously people.

                        One should not eat orange chili, and the dogs themselves are nothing to write hmoe about.

                        The term 'overrated' is thrown around a lot, but there should be a picture of Pink's next to the dictionary entry for this road. Honorary mention to El Coyote. ©

                        1. Go to The Stand. You'll have a so much better overall experience.

                          1. oh yeah and as far as wait, i went once for lunch and the wait didnt seem that bad(i think about 15mins), although i had nothing else to do for the rest of the day so it may have just felt that way. The only time i specifically remember the place not having much of a line was at about 7 or 730 in the evening. im guessing the place doesnt get much dinner business or maybe it was just a strange day.

                            1. Weiner Factory in Sherman Oaks on Ventura Blvd./Kester. They have the best Polish dogs, spicy or mild in all of LA. Get a side of red onions-go great with all their dogs. Their hot dogs are as good as Pinks.
                              The Stand is a good alternative for a good sit down experience and good selection of dogs and sausages.

                              Get to Pinks at 9:30am when they open if you don't want to wait in line.

                              Looking for a chili dog--Original Tommy's is much better than what they serve at Pinks. They've got locations all over now.

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                                How can you even put a Sabrett up against a Hoffy. IMO there's no comparison between the two, the Sabrett being far superior. Weiner Factory and Pinks are two different animals altogether.... I think the Hoffy's are a mixed bag literally (beef and pork). The Sabretts have that juicy snap!

                              2. Diana - stay in the Valley, go to Carney's or Weiner Factory or Chicago Dogs on Woodman, and save the gas and all the effort - it is TRULY not worth it, period!

                                  1. I'm so glad you posted this because my mom is coming into town and Pink's is the ONE THING she wants to do while down here. I personally haven't been (because of that line) and now am a little bummed because I'm a valley girl and live mid-way between the Weiner Factory and Carney's. Based on the above recommendations I'm definitely going to check them out. *sigh* Maybe the heat will deter her...

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                                      Hi MareZeeDotes.. I certainly hope that you support your mother's choice of Pink's, if that is what she has her heart set on. I doubt that taking her to another 'better' hotdog stand will be something that she'll remember 6 months from now; but going to a spot like Pink's that has been been (accurately or otherwise) portrayed on the PBS 'Hotdog Show' and other media circuses might be something meaningful for her and that she'll remember (along with the heartburn) for a long time. Gee, how many awfully unculinary places did our parents indulge us with when we were still figuring out the world and amazed by more than the percentage of actual beef in a hotdog? Mamma wants Pinks, let her have it!

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                                        Oh believe me - I would happily wait in a Pinks line for hours if it would please my mom :) She is definitely worth it! But you know how it is - you kind of build up an expectaion for how you *think* it should taste. I would feel awful and personally responsible if she doesn't have a good experience.

                                        I guess in the end, it's just a dog! Plus we're going to have a good time line or no line :)