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Jul 20, 2006 08:02 PM

Breakfast in the Twin Cities

Okay I'm bored with all the Key's and Uptown Diner and its siblings. There must be some other good breakfast spots in the Twin Cities. Help me out!

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  1. This topic comes up fairly often. See the following posts for a rehash of this topic:

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    1. You could try the Highland and Longfellow Grill siblings...


      1. An echo from similar posts today, I can recommend Trotter's Cafe on Marshall Ave in St. Paul.

        In Minneapolis, try the Colossal Cafe on Cedar Ave & 42nd Street or the weekend brunch at the Cliquot Club on 25th Street.

        Those are about the only ones that were not already mentioned in the digest that bob s. posted. May I add that he did such a FANTASTIC job that it's not only chow-worthy, it's bookmark-worthy!

        1. I recently had breakfast at Spoonriver - it was an excellent breakfast, although that isn't in the same category as Key's and Uptown Diner.

          I mentioned Bonnie's in one of the above threads, and stand by that one. Another great option on the weekends is the Triple Rock Social Club.

          1. Try Hells Kitchen in downtown Minneapolis. If you wear your pajamas there on the weekends, you get a free caramel roll.

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              Tried Hell's Kitchen this weekend. WOW! Had to wait an hour on Saturday morning around 10 AM but well worth the wait. The Huevos Rancheros were outstanding and the porridge was great too. Thanks for the post!!!