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Jul 20, 2006 07:47 PM

Name of Cuban Sandwich Place on 14th?

I remember reading about a Cuban sandwich place on West 14th that was supposed to be great, but when I searched the term I got posts from 2001, and I know that I read about it more recently than that!

Can anyone help me here? As I remember, it was around 6th or 7th Ave and was more like a diner or lunch counter, not a restaurant....

Oh, and if it's no longer good, please let me know.

(fingers are crossed for tasty cuban sandwich)

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    1. I think you mean the Sucelt Coffee Shop. Just a lunch counter on 14th St., a few doors west of Seventh Ave.

      1. Definitely Sucelt. If they have the crab empanadas, grab one immediately.

        1. and their coffee is supposedly excellent (i don't drink coffee, but i have friends who trek out of the way to grab a cafe con leche there)

          1. Thanks - Sucelt is it! Guess I'll have to have a crab empanada too!