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Jul 20, 2006 07:47 PM

Remembering Flavor Straws...just for a moment.

I know this post has nowhere to go but back, waaaaaaay back...
Does anyone remember those original flavor straws?

I mostly remember that it had a piece of felt in the upper part that was saturated with an ammonia-based (or some volatile-like chemical!) flavor, like strawberry! I used to take the straw apart just for the felt! (It's a good thing there were no ingredient labels then to titilate our tongues...I can't even imagine what was in them!)

I also wonder why no food company (Nestles?) has updated them and brought them back????

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  1. I saw a commercial for them last night, in London. And I wondered how they came to be revived after all this time! I don't remember who the maker is. Chocolate and strawberry.

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    1. re: mnosyne

      Interesting enough! I only remember chocolate and strawberry. Was there a vanilla flavored one as well?

      1. re: liu

        Are these the straws used for milk and not pixie straws with flavored sugar? The straw was used to flavor the milk as the milk was sucked through it.

          1. re: liu

            Anyone? Put aside your canes and your walkers and tell me what else you remember about these! I remember that they came in a narrow box.

            I never see them offered in the retro candy stores. Why did they "die?" Do you think the FDA had anything to do with their demise?

            1. re: liu

              They were really flimsy paper and often collapsed before you were through with your milk. They were striped in the color the flavor was supposed to be. I think my mom bought them a couple of times but none of us really liked them. The novelty is what was appealing but not much else.

              Chocolate, strawberry and vanilla are all I can think of and the chemical taste wa so strong I thing the color stripes were to give you an idea of what they were supposed to taste like, not that they really did.

              1. re: Candy

                Candy -- Were the stripes vertical, horizontal or diagonal? I am trying to remember...

                1. re: liu

                  Horizontal w/picture of young boy w/cap sipping straw

              2. re: liu

                Oh, Candy -- Bingo, TWICE! Yes, the straw paper was really flimsy and I remember it almost disintegrated in the milk. You put it better -- that it collapsed before we were done.
                And yes again: the straws were striped in the flavor color. What flavors do you remember other than chocolate and strawberry? Vanilla, perhaps?

                Thanks for reviving -- for the moment -- this childhood gastronomic experience!

              1. re: liu

                Yes,I remember COFFEE flavor...which was my favorite!

                1. re: bjs2

                  Hi, bjs2!
                  I don't remember the coffee ones. Either I had lost interest by the time they were introduced to the flavor straw line-up, or they were not available in my area. I do, however, remember vanilla, strawberry and chocolate.

                  But the coffee flavor makes a lot of sense. As kids, we loved to have our parents spoon a little of their coffee into a cup of milk for us to sip. I can see how the coffee flavor would have had much appeal!

                  1. re: liu

                    It did - that's why we had Coffee Time coffee flavored syrup on the shelf alongside the Bosco chocolate syrup for our milk!

            2. I dimly remember having them at a friend's house. Were they bendy, or was that another sort? I remember I didn't especially like them.

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              1. re: Aromatherapy

                "Bendy..." - I don't remember! That may have been advanced technology that had not yet been developed????

                "...didn't especially like them..." Yech! There was nothing to like, but what did we know -- we were kids and they were ----

                1. re: Aromatherapy

                  Yes, they were, I believe, the first "bendy" straws, quickly followed by unflavored Flex Straws.

                2. I caught that commercial again: they're called Nesquick Magic Straws ("they transform milk").

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                  1. re: mnosyne

                    My interest is piqued! I don't know if Nestle was the original, but it seems logical that they would produce such a product now.

                  2. Sipahh a company out of Australia developed the new concept of flavored straws and is claiming that Nestle infringed on their patented straw.

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                    1. re: cristinq

                      Are the Sipahh straws to which you refer available in the U.S.? Nestle is not currently producing did they infringe?

                      1. re: liu

                        I just saw these at Walgreen's in San Francisco. I think they were even on sale. I remembered someone asking about them on Chowhound and lo and behold, here is the post.

                        1. re: debby

                          Yes, I was so excited to see them at the Walgreens in the Philly area. They taste the same but they look A LOT different.

                          1. re: debby

                            debby -- The flavored straws you saw at Walgreens: what were they called? Are they made by Nestle?

                      2. I remember flavor straws, chocolate, strawberry and I think coffee. They were very flimsy with a felt like strip inside the straw. I guess we're showing our age

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                        1. re: murphtilda

                          I LOVED flavor straws! I got them each year from the Easter Bunny in my basket. They were striped straws and I have been talking about them for years and most people don't remember them! I would love if they were made again. I remember inside the straw was the felt looking piece full of the syrup. It reminded me of the inside of a marker. i always got the chocolate ones and my brothers got the strawberry ones.

                          1. re: mtherhen

                            Flavor Straws. Yes I remember them chocolate and strawberry. A friend used to gross us out by using them on his Cambels Soup. Yetch!! They were in the same time frame as Fizzies. You dropped them in a glass of water and they fizzed up to make another disgusting drink.

                            1. re: HungryChris

                              Lol!! But boy oh boy did we think that stuff was good when we were just a kid!! Beat the heck out of Kool aid!?!? I seem to remember the straws had the stripes going around the straws, and I thought it had that flexy thing on top that would allow the straw to bend. Funny, I don't think I ever took a flavor straw apart to see how it "worked" about those "Space Food Sticks" Do you remember those too??

                              1. re: dustyrose2003

                                "Space Food Sticks" -- intrigued! Please, do tell!

                                dustyrose2003, if you remember flavor straws, then we grew up about the same time. Perhaps the space food sticks were a West or East Coast thing? I grew up in the MidWest. I don't remember anything called "space food sticks," but now I'm really curious.

                                I also remember the stripes of those flavor straws! I do remember taking them apart and there was a "flavor"-saturated felt strip inside...I'm not sure what the FDA would say about that!!!

                                1. re: dustyrose2003

                                  I thought I was the only person who remembered these straws! And I found a pic of the old flavor straws box.

                                  1. re: hungryinmanhattan

                                    Hello, hungryinmanhattan!
                                    That picture is SO cool! I haven't seen such a box in many, many brings back memories of the kitchen I grew up in! I remember sitting at the table -- without a care in the world -- leisurely sipping on one of those straws while talking to my mom!

                                    And Fizzies! What took you THERE? I remember Fizzies! What do you remember about them?

                                    1. re: hungryinmanhattan

                                      Man oh man, blast from the past! Love the drawings of the kids. Re Fizzies - remember they were more fun to lick than to drink the drink they made. Also remembered being warned about putting a whole one in my mouth and did anyway (lived to tell the tale, obviously).

                                2. re: mtherhen

                                  mtherhen -- I'm laughing at your comment about the felt similarity to "the inside of a marker." That's it! I knew the inside of a marker was familiar to me, but I just never made the connection...brilliant of you!