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Jul 20, 2006 07:43 PM

authentic italian in Newton

I heard mentioned that there is a small Italian restaurant in Newton that is quite "authentic" (whatever that means). Unfortunately I missed the name. Any ideas?

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  1. Appetito? Fiorella's? Yerardi's? I haven't been to any of them, but I'm thinking it's one of these three...

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      I like Appetito, but it's pretty open about being Cal-Ital (I think the phrase used to be on the menu). Yerardi's got horrible recommendations from a co-worker (whose opinion I respect), so I never went. I don't know Fiorella's at all :).

    2. Francesca's on Adams Street. Consistently good.

        1. re: Chickpea

          I remember when Vecchia Roma opened and did only lunch, It seemed quite authentic and very good value. It's now a much bigger menu and not so authentic but still a nice place. I've passed Francesca's but not tried it. What's good there?

          1. re: gourmaniac

            it is a menu of basics which they do very well (veal parm, marsala, piccata), and the specials are usual very good. In addition, my Dad is addicted to their homemade soups in the winter.

            1. re: piglet3

              Thanks. Though i'm Street is de Pasquales a nice italian deli that cuts mortadella and proscuitto nice and thin for antipasto. They also have dePasquales sausage for sale when the main sausage store on Watertown street is closed.

          1. It is probably Vecchia Roma. It's good and authentic, but their "no tap water" policy really bugs me, so I don't think I'll be back. You have to pay for bottled water, or you get no water. They absolutely will not give you a glass of tap water.

            Yeradi's is Italian American and cheap. It's fun to drink and play bocce in their patio out back. The food is not usually horrible or great. The fried calamari with vinegar peppers can be good. The pasta is always overcooked, but stuff like lasagne is OK.

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            1. re: silver queen

              Is that legal to not give someone tap water if they want it?

                1. re: galleygirl

                  I would think so. But they won't. I went a few years ago, and the waiter said they had issues with the tap water (??!) but gave us a bottle of Aquafina. I went again this spring thinking that surely the 'issues' had been settled. But they just wouldn't give me a glass of water. I had to pay $2 for a bottle or nothing.

                  I don't want to patronize a place with that attitude, but the food is good and it does seem popular, so apparently that doesn't bother some folks. I thought about asking the city of Newton about that, but then again, why bother? I'm not going back.

              1. re: silver queen

                The one time we went to Yerardi's, it was awful and as you mentioned, the pasta was way overcooked. I had half a chicken parm sandwich from Victor's in medford in the car, that we devoured AFTER dinner.

                1. re: silver queen

                  As someone who recently visited Italy for the first time, I can tell you that at least the "no tap water" thing IS authentic, heh. :)

                  It was a bit of a culture shock for my traveling companion and I, but NO restaurants in Italy server tap've got to pay for bottled water no matter where you go.

                  (Note, I am not defending this place. This is Newton, not Italy, for crying out loud. Give the patrons some darn water.)