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99 Ranch

I'm thinking of making my first visit this weekend for some lobster and fish.

Any tips? Hints? What to expect? What other products do they have? Good prices? Give me the lowdown.


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  1. I don't know which Ranch 99 you're going to, but some of them are extemely crowded on the weekend. I haven't bought fresh fish there, but I've bought the prepared crab, which is a steal at 2 pounds for $5-6. I also like the baked goods. Everything is very reasonable and the selection is vast. There is everything from noodles, rices, canned Asian vegetables, fresh produce (including many varieties of Chinese greens), frozen dumplings, teas, prepared foods, etc., etc. Enjoy!

    1. I always go to their fast food area first and buy myself a boba drink and a pork bun before heading into the store. Their panda express-like menu always look so appetizing and yet half the price of the real panda express.

      On weekends there's always free tasting going on in every corner or end of aisle, try to avail of that treat.

      i always buy my short ribs there $1.99/lb.

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        Those fast-food counters/kiosks are independently run and not part of the 99 Ranch Market.

      2. Lots of Asian vegetables and fruits. Fresh fish, esp the ones swimming in the tanks. Live lobster. All kinds of Asian sauces. Good selection of Filipino food. 50 lb bags of rice.

        Go early, or you'll get run over by little old ladies wielding shopping carts.

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          wearing white long sleeve gloves and welding style sun visors!

        2. get their card, you will save even more moola.

          1. Sounds great! Looking forward to it.

            I'll probably end up going to the Victory/Sepulveda location either midday Sat. or Sun. I'll definitely sign up for the card and get myself a boba drink on the way in!

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              They have a great selection of instant noodles, like 60 different brands. I like their Family Toast bread -- perfect slathered with butter and a cup of coffee on the side. I also buy Asian produce from there. I cook a lot of Indian, Chinese, and Malay food so I always stock up on sauces and condiments too.

              I was just at the Victory Sepulveda location on Tuesday and they were out of a lot of things. The guy who was checking on an item told me their truck was delayed and would be there either Friday or Saturday.

            2. Give these places a try too!

              Seafood City at Woodman and Roscoe across from Kaiser - Great Filipino market. And, at Sherman Way and White Oak is the Korean shopping Plaza. Used to be Han Kook but, no more. The market is still cool tho. Many Korean prepared foods! If you're a bit, unsure of things Korean try these for starters:
              The black beans. Sweet and chewy. Cooked with sweetened soy. Yum. Good alone, atop fish/chicken or even in a salad. I think they're really to mix in cooked rice. Also the spicy pickled cucs! Crunchy, a bit spicy and good. Another not so off the wall item is their octopus salad. I love it alone but, can always accompany other things. They also have Korean style prepared sushi that's yum. It's made w/veges only or w/meat. I get the vege only one. Then last they have a hot box. Inside are various and sundries. I buy the egg battered fish pieces//Not the whole b-cuz of bones. The pieces are nifty 'cuz it's already cooked. I eat with above mentions. Have fun :) KQ

              1. I have a lobster boil every year for Mother's Day... and I get my shellfish from our 99 Ranch market in Arcadia. They are cheap and fresh!

                The markets will differ.

                1. Good selection of aged soy sauce. I'm still looking for wasabi rice crackers they sell at Mitsuwa - don't know why 99 wouldn't carry them...

                  1. The lobster are great and cheap but BIG. I bought mine for $9 per pound but the smallest were four pounds each.

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                      Do they cook it for you or do you get it live? Or do you have the option?

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                        Sadly, they don't have steaming stations, instead just Frying Stations. For pick your own & fresh steamed lobster head to Quality Seafood in Redondo Beach. :)


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                          Got mine live. Steamed it with old bay seasoning, a little vinegar and beer. Yum.

                          Side note: I was just in Costco and I remembered this thread. Costco has this HUGE beautiful book on fish: The Ultimate Fish and Shellfish Cookbook. $17. I bought it because it had beautiful pictures on fish I'd never heard of in an encyclopedia section, before the recipes. I'm going to study it carefully and not be so intimidated by the fish selection at 99 Ranch next time I go!