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Jul 20, 2006 07:15 PM

best boba-- not drinks, just the tapioca?

One of my best friends went to Pomona College and now lives in Taipei. He swears by the boba (the tapioca, not just the tea itself) at a particular place in-- drat, I can't even think of the name of the town right now. In any case, he pointed out a machine and said that the boba was made in small batches to ensure freshness. Since this was years ago I can't quite remember if the boba was much different other than being warmer (from having been fresly made, I suppose) and perhaps softer than the boba at some other places.

Can anyone recommend a place with good boba-- not just the drinks-- in the metro-LA area? Or does it not really matter so much since most places mask everything with the flavor of the drinks?

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  1. Koreatown has bobas in all shapes and sizes. All asian markets should have it. In the vermont/3rd st. area, you'll find a ton of asian markets. IN glendale, there's H.K. Market.

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      Perhaps I should've been more specific, but I was asking about freshly-made boba, not the packaged store-bought kind.

    2. My favorite boba is always from Ten Ren.

      TenRen Rowland Heights
      18423 E. Colima Road
      Rowland Heights, CA 91748
      Tel: 626/854-6045 Fax: 626/854-6044

      Ten Ren's Tea Time
      (909) 839-2665
      515 N Grand Ave

      1. I really like the freshness of the boba at Tapioca Express, particularly my favorite local one, in Irvine (off of Jeffrey at Walnut)

        1. My favorite is at Guppy House in Cerritos. The boba is chewy, not hard nor mushy, yet has a sweet flavor. My second favorite would be Tea Station, but lately the boba hasn't been as good. I also like the mini baby boba at Tapioca Express.

          1. And, as I mentioned before. I have ALWAYS had really fresh, chewy, soft boba from Boba World. There's one on Colorado in Old Pas but, it's been under reconstruction. There's also one inside Lana Thai on Van Nuys and Ventura or in Westwood Village.