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Jul 20, 2006 07:08 PM

Best doughnuts in the Tri-State area, restaurant menu or shop

Exactly what the title says...please exclude the Donut Plant, since I'm already aware of it. A mom and pop shop would be ideal, but a pastry chef at a restaurant making superb donuts is welcome.

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  1. Donut Pub on 14th St at 7th Ave is good.

    1. Peter Pan Donut shop in Grrenpoint , Brooklyn. It is on Manhattan Ave .

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      1. re: FAL

        Ah! the white coconut cream doughnut! AMAZING.

      2. Alpha Donuts on the s. side of Queens Blvd. in Sunnyside.

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        1. re: Woodside Al

          ALPHA DONUTS is the BOMB! When in college, my roomate, from Sunnyside took us there for an Irish breakfast (yeah, it was 3 am after bar) but it was amazing. I went to Ireland for my honeymoon years later just to compare meals! Thanks for the memories...

        2. The donut shop on the corner of W.23rd and 8th Ave and 7th Avenue Lunchonette aka Chewy Louie's on 7th Avenue between 8th street and 9th street in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

          1. The Donut Plant on Grand Street near Essex. Yummy yum yum.