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Best doughnuts in the Tri-State area, restaurant menu or shop

Exactly what the title says...please exclude the Donut Plant, since I'm already aware of it. A mom and pop shop would be ideal, but a pastry chef at a restaurant making superb donuts is welcome.

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  1. Donut Pub on 14th St at 7th Ave is good.

    1. Peter Pan Donut shop in Grrenpoint , Brooklyn. It is on Manhattan Ave .

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        Ah! the white coconut cream doughnut! AMAZING.

      2. Alpha Donuts on the s. side of Queens Blvd. in Sunnyside.

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          ALPHA DONUTS is the BOMB! When in college, my roomate, from Sunnyside took us there for an Irish breakfast (yeah, it was 3 am after bar) but it was amazing. I went to Ireland for my honeymoon years later just to compare meals! Thanks for the memories...

        2. The donut shop on the corner of W.23rd and 8th Ave and 7th Avenue Lunchonette aka Chewy Louie's on 7th Avenue between 8th street and 9th street in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

          1. The Donut Plant on Grand Street near Essex. Yummy yum yum.

            1. Not even close, IMO. Coffee 'An in Westport, Connecticut. I especially recommend the cake doughnuts -- powdered sugar, cinnamon, plain, and chocolate are my favorites, in that order.

              1. Here are a few restaurants that serve excellent donuts or "holes":

                Marseille's sugar donuts are small and squarish. They are accompanied by a delicious cappuccino milkshake when it's warm out and thick hot cocoa during colder months.

                At Tabla's Bread Bar there's a fabulous chocolate dipping sauce for the donut holes.

                Parea serves their donut holes with some honey and another sauce, but what it was has slipped my mind.

                When we were at Hearth, I had donuts for dessert but, alas, they are not on the current menu.

                1. i love the warm, sugar donuts they give to you for free during brunch at the italian resturant gusto. they also have them on the menu. the orange sour cream donut at good is also one of my favorites. and because both of these places are near each other, you can do a donut restaurant crawl! :)

                  60 greenwich ave btwn 6th and 7th ave

                  89 greenwich ave btwn 7th and 8th ave

                  1. The Doughnut Plant and Donut Pub are both solid but for a change of pace I like exploring the Union Square Farmer's Market. Most of the apple orchards who set up tables also make and sell apple cider donuts. Mmmmmm.

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                      Didn't the OP say to exclude Donut Plant? And I guess Donut Pub falls under that because they're already "famous". How about Dreseen's, if you like cake donuts?


                    2. Does anyone else remember Schultz's Apple Farm in Armonk? If you grew up in Westchester, this place was the ultimate treat in the Fall for fresh doughnuts and cider!!! So sad that it's luxury townhouses now...

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                        My parents took me there every weekend in the fall growing up. Schultz's was the definition of Autumn! Everytime I drive by, I get nostalgic!

                        Now we take our kids to Outhouse Orchards. Still fun, but I will always pine for Schultz's.

                      2. I keep hearing about Peter Pan Donut Shop but can't seem to find a phone number for them (I know the address is 727 Manhattan Ave.). I'm wondering if they are still in business.

                        1. The Milk Pale on Long Island has the best Apple Cider donuts i have ever had. They have a press right there and you can take it off yourself...yum.

                          Also, I once had an Apple Crumb Donut from the Donut Plant and it was amazing. There were little slivers of Granny Smith on the outside of the donut.

                          1. And if we're talking about the Hamptons, the Dreesen's cinnamon donut IS good if you get it hot from the fryer. (Although I guess any donut hot from the fryer is pretty good!)

                            The unlikely donut shop just off the Avenue U stop of the Q train (vague, I know, but it's right there) makes a terrific glazed.

                            1. I like those bagged Japanese donuts they sell at a bakery or market. There is one market that sells them on 41st street between 5th and Madison. They come in a bag and are brown and smaller than the average donut.