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Jul 20, 2006 07:02 PM

McKinnon's Davis Sq Update

I posted a while back about McKinnon's carrying perfect-sized pieces of salt cod and also mentioned I liked their frozen shrimp. YumYum requested a bit more info...

What I like is that they carry 2lb packages of good quality frozen shrimp. The price is about the same as TJs 5.90/lb for 26/30 and more than Market Basket. Today they had the 26/30s for 5.90, a whole bunch of 41/50 for around $3/lb easy-peel, colossal or super colossal (about 12-15/lb) for just under $10/lb. Mostly black tiger, but possibly others. Plenty of cooked shrimp too.

I like them better than TJs and Costco. The Super88 has a lot more selection, but for me is less convenient, and they tended toward 4/5lb boxes which are less convenient for separating a half-portion. Market Basket is cheaper for the jumbos (around $4.60-$4.90 for 26/30s) and jumbo through colossal are pretty good there, but the smaller ones are not great. I wouldn't make it a destination just to buy shrimp, but if you are going for something else its a good place to stock up.

Also its been so long that I have been there during the workday, that I forgot they serve lunches to go. They had fish and chips, plus a number of specials (tips and so on), for around $7. As far as other things of note: they had 4.99 sirloin strips, .99 picnic, two types of boneless thin cut beef ribs and short ribs for 2.99, specials on sirloin/steak tips, and ground beef for $1.49. I also like their selection of liver and its less expensive there. The had added freezer capacity and had a bunch of frozen rabbit and plenty of produce.

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  1. The steak and turkey tips get raves from the in-house carnivore -- and the price can't be beat. the deli is great too for cheese/meat and the fresh sub/bulkie/sesame rolls are some of the best around (think fresh Piantadosi, but check the tag to make sure you get the freshest one)...

    1. Friends from the Caribbean have been raving about their new seafood deals - when they have them. I stopped in a week or two ago and the few items they had fresh looked really good, especially the fresh scallops. (Which, by the way, when Market Basket has fresh scallops, they are AMAZING and quite a deal.) I think my Caribbean friends have been buying snapper and the salt cod (mmmm, saltfish cakes.)

      1. Thanks for the detailed report. i like this place for lamb chops ($3.99/lb for rib chops) and boneless chicken thighs ($0.99 /lb IRCC). I do find that you need to cook the meat soon after purchase as it spoils quickly. Perhaps just bad luck a couple of times.

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          Funny you should say that. I moved out of Davis Sq. about five years ago, so maybe things have changed, but the couple of times that I was in McKinnons, the smell made me want to vomit--kind of tainted meat and disinfectant. Consequently, I never bought anything there.

        2. I agree that it's great for meat, great selection and price. I'm not sure what day is best for buying, I usually get there on Saturday, the meat is all in good shape but seems to age quicker than other places - I've taken this to mean that they've cut it in anticipation of the weekend and I get there late. The seafood seems more of an afterthought, just a few selections, but the quality and price may well be very good.