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Jul 20, 2006 06:55 PM

Jack n' Jills - Santa Monica, Breakfast Recs?

I'll be taking my mom to Jack n' Jills for breakfast and I wondered if the blueberry pancakes were worth ordering (or the french toast?) Any other breakfast recommendations if those two aren't worthy? How's the pork sausage?

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  1. Since its appearance on the show "Entourage", this has been swarmed with a lot of diners. Prepare for a long wait to be seated. especially on the weekends

    1. I went to Jack n' Jill's in santa monica today and it was amazing. The service is really what stuck me the most. The people who work there are so nice and really sweet. The food of course was very good and best of all healthy. The food was good but not too heavy. I'm a breakfast lover and I normally go to Jinky's, Snug Harbor, B&P, Urth ect all the time but I really really like Jack n' Jill's. The breakfast panini is really tasty on this great cheesy bread. The omletes are also great. They have really cute little blueberry muffins to start with that go great with their aromatic coffee. My favorite thing today was probably the Savana Strawberry Oatmeal pancakes. They are kinda dense but really have that oatmeal taste. I used to be a fan of the oaty oaty cakes at jinkies and the multigrain pancakes at the firehouse but they don't even compare to these oatmeal pancakes. I'm hooked. Oh and I went at 9:30 and there was no wait at all. There wasn't one until about 10:30. I was almost tempted not to say anything so I could enjoy the peaceful lack of crowds but that wouldn't be very chowhoundly of me so ENJOY!