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Jul 20, 2006 06:50 PM

El Pescatore JLS Oakland?

Any info/input/opinons/recommendations for this restaurant in Jack London Square? It is one of my friend's faves and she insists we go there. Thanks.

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  1. As far as I know there has never been a report about this place on chowhound, although there have been a few queries similar to yours over the years.

    If you do go, pretty please make a full report!

    1. I was there several years ago, and it was pleasant because were at their outdoor seating area right on the waterfront, on a very warm evening.

      As far as I recall it was sort of standard mainline old-fashioned Italian food. I ordered pasta "pescatore" with seafood and it was a large portion, quite pleasant.

      1. That's was one our next door neighbor's favorite places. We went there several times with them. I condsidered it "basic Italian." The setting was wonderful, right on the water, The food was fine, certainly nothing that would knock your socks off, but "basic Italian."

        1. I've had two very pleasant lunches at Pescatore. I agree that it's old school, but that can be a good thing. The menu is large, but I did not see Ravioli listed. I asked our waiter, he said that was not a lunch item, but he'd check with the kitchen. He reported back that they'd be happy to serve me the ricotta and spinach ravioli, or the meat filled. They did and I enjoyed! The Spinach/Ricotta was very good, plump ravioli with a nice red sauce with meat, slow cooked with bones in the ragu pot, nice.
          My wife had a canneloni that came with a
          vegetarian marinara, sweet and fresh.
          The kitchen seemed very tuned in to their menu.
          I'll be returning to try the seafood entrees soon.
          Excellent attention to detail from the wait staff, we never were out of bread or water. They made us feel special on a saturday lunch, well done!

          1. I've been maybe three times, though none of my visits have been within the last year or two. One of my visits was for a lunch when I was on a (several week long) jury, and for some reason the county decided to treat the jury to lunch during one day of our deliberations..The day happened to coincide with my birthday and I remember it being quite pleasant, but then we'd been cooped up for a few days (not sequestered, just busy). Based on that lunch, I'd consider it a good choice for a non-adventurous group.

            There wasn't outdoor seating on my visits, so perhaps that is new?

            Setting is very nice, service was fine, food was just ok.