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Jul 20, 2006 06:49 PM

Trattoria Rustica - Pittsfield

tagging along to a post visiting day dinner at Trattoria Rustica - any "must haves"???

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  1. Good luck! Trattoria has been one of our favorite places, but the last 2 visits were extremely disappointing.
    Our vegetarian friend always gets the ravioli - last visit there were only 6 - they were not very large, and over 20.00

    The grilled hen was always great - they no longer are serving ANY poultry at all because of "bird Flu". Not kidding.

    They didn't have either the whole baked fish or the grilled swordfish available. the whole fish has never been available once in the 3 years we've been going there, so I always get the sword. The last time it was very thin, a little dry and quite small. I'd say not even 7 ounces for again over 20.00

    Their veal chop is no longer a thick beautiful rib chop, but now a much lesser quality loin chop.

    Please go and come back with a glowing review and let me know how wrong I was. Pretty please!

    1. Hey Harrison!
      I've been patiently waiting for your report on Trattoria Rustica. There's not allot of great chow around here so it would be nice to hear a glowing report so I can go eat there again!!!