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Pork Chops

Best friend loves pork chops. Want to take him out for dinner on his birthday. Nothing fancy as he hates to dress up. Any where in Manhattan. Suggestions, please. Thx.

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  1. Esperanto, 9th St. & Ave. C does nice pork chops, and the price is right. Very casual, very fun, and usually live Latin or Brazilian music. Great Caipirinhas & mojitos too.


    1. I love the fried pork chops at El Deportivo. It has a garlic-y breading. Very casual place, a luncheonette really, but them chops were so good I was gnawing the breading off the bone.

      Also, grilled pork chop at Chestnut in Brooklyn is fabulous. Stuffed with fig served atop polenta. Just terrific and you can get it as part of the 3-course $25 prix fixe on Tues-Wed. One of the best bargains around. This would be the great place to celebrate a friend's birthday.

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        Yes, yes, yes: Chestnut. When I read the post title, that was the place I thought of. Since this is the Manhattan Board, I hesitated to comment, but since Pupster made the original suggestion, I feel free to support it.

      2. How about Excellent Pork Chop House in Chinatown on Doyers St. Everything is really cheap and your friend definitely won't have to worry about dressing up. Plus, the food's great.

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          I love that name, Excellent Pork Chop House. Years ago there was a place on Doyers called House of Dumpling, Home of Noodle.

        2. Its hard to believe, but Houston's actually has one of the best pork chops I've ever had. The one on 28th street actually doesn't have it on the menu anymore, but I've been told that the one in the 50s still does.
          Another good one is Five Points, but truthfully, Houstons is better.

          1. I can't believe I am writing these places again but both the new Saigon Grill and Lanan on University place have really really good pork chops. and cheap too.

            1. Stuffed porkchop at Maroon's (was there last night, I didn't have it, another member of our group did, and she loved it, I got a taste and I agree)

              1. Smothered pork chops at Pink Tea Cup. Classic soul food joint, very low-key, frequented by celebrities who are trying to keep a low profile.

                Not for the faint of coronary artery but sooooo gooooood.

                42 Grove Street, West Village


                1. The absolutely best pork chops I have had were at Miracle Grill on First Avenue and 7th Street. I went out of my mind the first time I had them... big, succulent, spicy, tasty, over a mound of incredible mashed potatoes... and other things were on the plate, but the pork chops... I have dreams of those pork chops. I have heard that this recipe was from Bobby Flay, before he got famous. Who knows? So I passed by there the other day, and lo and behold, Miracle Grill was not there any longer... a big boon to the area, however, the place that took it over assures me that they are stilll using that same recipe. Do not go anywhere else. These pork chops are not to be forgotten.. a memorable experience, and pretty inexpensive as far as chops go, plus they have an outside and an inside, and it's the East Village, so you can eat naked if you want to! HA! Enjoy!

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                    i loved miracle grill as well! i found out it was closed after my friends and i decided to go there for a birthday dinner back in february! :(

                    it's called imagine bar and grill, and people say the menu is practically identical to miracle's, but i've also heard bad things! i haven't been since the new ownership. those frozen mojitos were KILLER.

                    the best fried pork cutlet that was stuffed with cheese and spinach was at kitchen and cocktails, sadly now closed. i dream of it.

                  2. I haven't had pork chops, but the mutton chops at Keans were miraculous - I'd go there.