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Jul 20, 2006 06:44 PM

ice cream (not gelato)?

i recently had the most wonderful, classic chocolate ice cream.... in savannah, georgia.

the best "ice cream" i can think of in nyc is gelato, like il laboratorio or ciao bella. brooklyn ice cream factory and mary's dairy are pretty good but don't compare to the stuff i had recently in savannah.

any recommendations for really great, old fashioned, hard ice cream?

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  1. Chinatown Ice-Cream Factory and Maison du Chocolat has the best chocolate ice-cream in town. I'm torn to say which one is better - Maison's is more gourmet dark chocolate whereas the Factory is smoother.

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      I have to agree, the chocolate ice cream at Maison du Chocolat is the best in town. Other than that, I enjoy Payard's ice cream and sorbets.

      Australian is by far one of my favorites. They are down on St Marks. I have to say that it really isn't hard pack though, it's slightly soft, but it isn't "soft serve" by any means. Delicious.

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        i happened across la maison du chocolat today and got the chocolate ice cream - it was amazing! definitely the closest thing to what i've had in mind so far. thanks!

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          I used to like Australian, but they've gone seriously downhill in the last couple of years.

      2. Emack and Bolio. There are a couple of locations around the city. One on Amsterdam and 79, and on Houston and West Broadway... Really good traditional hard ice cream flavors, but also some seroiusly good diversions from the traditional

        1. manhattan fruitier has really good ice cream. it's on 29th bet park and lext.

          try the banana lace if they have it.

          1. In my opinion the best ice cream around is at the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory at the Fulton Ferry Landing in DUMBO near the River Cafe and Grimaldis. To me it's the creamiest around and is just amazing. The Clinton St Bakery is the only place I know of in Manhattan that serves it. If others do, please let me know.



            1. Go to Eddie's Sweet SHop (or is it shoppe?) In Forest Hills, Queens (Metropolitan Ave) It is family run and from the good old days. They still have a very very old cash register, make their ice cream (my fave is pineapple pistaccio, yum) Egg creams and sundaes is ALL they make. It is really wonderful. Sit at the old school counter. You'll be so happy you went. I think they are closed on Monday's all year.