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Jul 20, 2006 06:35 PM

zip burger on e 51st was yummy

so i tried zip burger this afternoon and thought it was pretty yummy. the beglian style fries were served in a paperbag so they weren't soggy by the time i got home and the burger was big enough to fill me up. i ordered the turkey burger so i can't comment on the beef, but the turkey was falvorful with a bit of a smokey flavor...almost a bacon flavor and the whole wheat bun was soft. the pickles were delicious!!! give it TRY

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  1. Agreed, the turkey burger is great and I noticed the smokey flavor as well. A nice touch. Good fries also.

    1. i went to zip burger last saturday evening. it is on east 52nd street off 2nd avenue. i had a beefburger with mozzarella cheese,mushrooms,onions,and bacon along with the belgian style french fries and the iced tea with mint. all were excellent & my bill came to less than $ time ill check out the salmon burger or the turkey burger.

      even though its fast food,i was the only one there at the time and they brought my food upstairs-the dining room is on the second floor-alas there is no elevator.

      all in all, a great addition to the midtown east dining scene.

      1. Zip Burger is way overpriced and not so great. If I had a burger jones in that neighborhood I would much rather walk the 2 minutes to PJ Clarke's...

        1. I love Clarke's also. It's a classic NY Burger. But, BackyardChef, you are comparing apples and oranges. Clarkes is a saloon and at least twice as expensive (and not much bigger) than Zip Burger. When you don't want to go a bar, go to Zip Burger, as the burger is damn good.

          1. I s'pose you're right about the venue difference, but the price with toppings for a Zip Burger isn't so far off from PJ Clarke's and the quality difference-- from my experiences-- make it not even close. You're right about not always wanting to eat in a saloon....