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Jul 20, 2006 06:10 PM

Where to get Brioche in San Fran?

Now that Tartines is not selling brioche to the public (they still make it for their bread pudding though)..where else can I pick some up...I want to do the Winterland bruleed recipe?!

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  1. I think the best brioche is at Della Fattoria at the Sat FPFM. Acme does one, not quite as rich. At the marin farmer's market Pan-O-Rama sells some great brioche and they even also have a version of it in a "pain de mie" form for easy slicing. There's also another bakery at the marin market that sells brioche but I have no idea what their name is, sorry.

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      Thanks! I'll hit the Ferry Plaza this Sat. and also trip over to "The Fatted Calf!"

      1. re: ChowFun_derek

        Pan-o-rama also sells at Civic Center on Wednesday and Alemany on Saturday.

        Haven't tried DF, but I like Bay Bread.

    2. Also check out the brioche at downtown bakery at the FP farmer's market. I haven't done a head to head against Della Fattoria, but on its own I have enjoyed it immensely.

      1. If you want to replicate it exactly, get the brioche from Bay Breads -- that's reportedly where Winterland got theirs.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. There was actually brioche at our local TJ's on Monday.