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Jul 20, 2006 06:08 PM

Best Bread and Butter?

I'm constantly amazed at how many good restaurants in town have uninspired bread for the table. Even many french restaurants don't seem to be springing for quality baguettes.

Though one shouldn't fill up too much on the stuff, bread with premium quality butter is one of my favorite things.

What restaurants would you recommend for the best? Ideally with good butter (not olive oil or tapenade or land o' lakes). Thanks.

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  1. Cafe Boulud offers 3 or 4 different breads. All are delicious -- so much much so that I have to school myself not to overdo and ruin my appetite. No olive oil or other spreads, just a generous portion of quality butter.

    I also love the rosemary rolls at Veritas (I think they come from Amy's Bread) also accompanied only by plenty of excellent butter.

    1. Bouley and their bread cart can't be beat. They have boules (I think) of about ten different kinds of breads, and you can choose which you like. Some of the varieties I remember are garlic, fig, and olive. If you're looking for good bread, Bouley is definitely worth the trip.

        1. I'll second Bouley for fantastic bread - plus you can get it from their bakery across Duane St from the restaurant and grab some. The baguettes are terrific, but the miche (huge, round bread) is fantastic. It's huge at is $18 or so, but you can buy halves or even quarters. It's my favorite - great wheaty, sourdough taste.
          Grab some fancy, high fat butter and you're in business.

          As for restaurants, Frank Bruni posted about the bread at Sfoglia and claimed it was amazing....

          1. Del Posto had ridiculously good bread when I went several months ago. Several different types. Served hot with soft room temperature butter and that heavenly whipped lardo. Not so sure about the rest of the food, but their bread can't be beat IMO.

            And I agree with the above posters re: Bouley. Good selection (though not as tasty or as warm as what I had at Del Posto that time).

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              Not sure if it's the same breadmaker, but the bread at Babbo is absolutely fantastic. Proper amount of salt, a nice amount of chew... it's actually one of my favorite things about the place.