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Jul 20, 2006 06:06 PM

Cafe to practice my French?

Okay, not me - my neighbor.

She wants a place for casual gatherings with people in her French class to meet, eat & practice their French with native speakers (the waiters). Since she preferred a downtown venue, I suggested Cafe Claude. And I also mentioned Metro Cafe on Divisidero.

Any other recommendations?

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  1. I believe they have French speaking nights at Zazie in Cole Valley.

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    1. re: Maya

      I find that a little too cute and bohemian for my taste though it is a perfect opportunity for a French class. Clementine is my bet as the staff is more friendly than some of the more bored waiters in the Downtown and Mission locales. For one notch more up-market, try eating at Chapeau! for lunch on an offday.


      1. re: zwilliams

        Chapeau! serves "le brunch" on Sundays, but don't think it's open for lunch.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          No, even the brunch has been discontinued. They never took it off the website. I inquired about a year back and they said there were not plans at that time to start it up again.

    2. The waiter I liked at Cafe Claude is from Eastern Europe, and I think Metro had new owners (at least there was a sign in the window July 4th weekend, last time I walked by).

      Doesn't the Alliance Francaise have a cafe? She might also check out the places that Paris in Expatriate Eyes meets.

      1. The restaurant in the Alliance Francaise building is called La Cave.

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        1. Not a cafe but Clementine usually has a French speaking waitstaff. (Not to mention they are often fun to look at too.)

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            The one time I dined at Clementine, our server started off by asking us if we preferred to communicate in French or English. My host wanted to practice his french, so we were a french speaking table for the evening. Or at least he was. (g)