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Jul 20, 2006 06:01 PM

Best ICED tea in Los Angeles...

ok, this is a toughie. i drink about 15 glasses of iced tea a day, and i can comfortably say that it's hard to get a truly great glass of iced tea. some thoughts:

- Starbucks Iced Tea is horrible. Tastes like something burnt.
- Cafe Montana (in Santa Monica) makes an excellent iced tea.
- Most Thai places have surprisingly good non-Thai iced teas.

Can you help me?

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    1. Well, are you purchasing iced tea for home brewing and consumption or do you make it in a machine at work, or do you actually go out and purchase that many iced teas from a retail store?

      I'm sure we can come up with something great for you!

      And what kind of iced tea do you like? Good unsweetened traditional black, or really sweet, Southern style iced tea?

      1. I've always liked the iced tea at Luna Park -- just good strong tea, none of that sissy passion fruit stuff.

        1. Is the non-Thai iced tea you are talking about still made with Thai tea (ie - same tea, but without the sweetened milk component)? If so, the Thai markets in town - Bangluck, Silom, etc. - carry the loose tea to make it at home. I have had several different kinds of packages, but all of the teas stain things orange (Tupperware, mugs, etc.) if left too long. Still, tasty stuff and it really doesn't need the sweetness in a Thai Iced Tea.

          1. The original comment has been removed