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Jul 20, 2006 05:43 PM

Only for Bay Area Chowhounds

I'm on the East Coast, at the Jersey Shore. Our friend Mark, a bi-costal hound is here. We are sitting at breakfast and I'm reading a NY Times article about catered funerals. There is a picture of an I cream truck at a funeral. I say. "Too bad that Philly cheesesteak truck (formeraly at the Fast Gas in Vallejo)is no longer, I'd have had that at my funeral. There are always taco trucks." Mark says while scarfing down rye, creamcheese and Russ & Daughters sable, "I'm sure that's what Melanie would do."

This belongs on the Bay Area Board because my comment/question is who would you have cater your funeral and what would they serve. I'm thinking the Masala Dosa from VIK at the moment but I need to give it more thought because that would be hard to eat standing up except at VIK. It's not impolite to think ahead.

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  1. Good news for you Curmudgeon, here's a local cheese steak truck to cater your big event ... and they have Mexican food too.

    Good try. I'll take bets about whether this post gets moved to NAF or the General board ... if you could provide an obit, it COULD qualify for Food Media and the News.

    I plan to die around the time of the SF Chow picnic ... but if I can't time that right, does Chez Panisse cater?

    Actually, a chowhound-type and occasional poster, Bruce Frigard, who died this year had a memorial service where other food-oriented people brought dishes to a pot luck in his honor. All my best Sonoma tips were from Bruce, I really miss him.

    1. I want Mark to cater it...because I MUST have SABLE!!!!!!

      1. Ha! When I saw Mark last month, I was wearing my Russ & Daughters t-shirt, and he was one of the few people in the crowd who recognized the name.

        In case anyone is looking for traveling dosas, the Udupi Palace in Newark has a sign in the window that a dosa cart is available for parties for a fairly low minimum.

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        1. re: Melanie Wong

          And, Shep's last will and testament directs that he be embalmed in Flint's medium sauce.

        2. I think I would have the sushi truck come for a final spider roll.