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Jul 20, 2006 05:34 PM



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  1. Beautiful room, wonderful food. Be sure to sit upstairs. Oh, also a great bar.

    1. also, the event planner (naomi, i think) is a gem. we've held several successful business dinners there with rave reviews all around from our clients.

      1. hello, the food: fairly conventional, excellent ingredients, well-executed and beautifully presented; service: thoughtful, attentive, inobtrusive (pretty much the best I've had in a higher-end place); design and ambience: evokes a romantic escape from the mundane grind, esp. if you like live jazz. have fun

        1. just love the place. always had great food, some of the best service. we love to celebrate special occasions there.

          1. Beautiful, beautiful restaurant. The food, the service, the wine list, the room......I love to eat in the dining room or sit at the bar. One of the classiest places we have in SF.