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Jul 20, 2006 05:25 PM

Cambridge Brewing Company

I've had mixed results with the food here in the past, so I tried to stick to the basics. What's simpler than fried fish, right? Well, while the breading was right, the fish inside was kind of dry and stringy. I wasn't a fan of the cole slaw, either. Fries and beer were good, though - next time maybe I'll really stick with the basics and just get those.

Any suggestions on what to order here? I know there are a few nearby alternatives with better food, like Emma's across the street, but it's really slim pickings around here. Plus I like having all the seasonal brews available.

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  1. I tend to go there after I eat somewhere else. The food is pretty average, but their beers are outstanding. Perhaps go to Emma's for a pie, then head over for a round of brews afterward? You're right about the slim pickings around there...

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      I like their hummus plate. But I really go there for the beer.

      Will, the brewer is one of the best at what he does.

    2. I like the nacho's. They were really good actually. Beeter tha other bar nacho's I have had.

      1. The fried fish is usually dense, but I've never had it dry and stringy. Don't know what kind of fish they use, but it is much denser than what other places use.

        I like the humus, buffalo chicken, the falafel wrap, and their burgers can be very good when cooked right (but is usually overcooked). They do a good job for special occassions though like their beer dinners. I guess it depends who is in the kitchen.

        1. I go to the CBC for the outside patio and beer, the food and service can both be variable. The nachos is also one of my standbys (here and at the Sunset), the burger can be good or can be just cooked wrong, and the fish and chips is usually acceptable. I had a friend who thought it was the best veggie burger in town, but I can't tell you. They used to have stuff like potato skins which were pretty good, so perhaps sticking to the appetizer and sides menu might be best overall.

          1. yep, yep - nachos, hummos, chix sandwich, falafel are all great...the pizza isn't bad considering the awful bar pizza possibilities. they are having bluefish festival the 29th and that is usually very good!

            The new menus have been a bit...of a reach for the chef. great ideas, but not well executed. they are trying to do more beer-based foods/sauces.