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Portland Breakfest Spots

What are the Best palces for Breakfest NOT BRUNCH
Preferably the SE of Portland????

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  1. Genie's Cafe, at SE Division and 11th is a very good breakfast spot.

    1. Two places that I return to in SE:

      Utopia Cafe
      (503) 235-7606
      3308 SE Belmont St
      Portland, OR 97214

      J & M's Cafe
      537 SE Ash St
      Portland, OR 97214
      (503) 230-0463

      1. i really enjoy the Cricket Cafe, on SE Belmont. they have a large selection of dishes (egg and otherwise) with tasty, fresh ingredients. and their potatoes are always cooked perfectly...

        Cricket Cafe
        3159 SE Belmont
        (503) 235-9348

        1. Diane's Restaurant at about 52nd-53rd and SE Foster is not bad, and totally cazh. Your basic breakfast diner; not much there in the way of experimentation.

          1. I love the Cameo Cafe (though there are naysayers, and the staff is pretty spunky) at 8111 NE Sandy Blvd. Have the strong bread, no matter what you do. Get a loaf to go. Buy one for your mother.
            And this is not that far from SE Portland.

            1. J Spot Cafe on NE 45th and Sandy (through the courtyard and down the stairs). Open Wed thru Sun for breakfast and lunch.

              Scrambles, waffles and unique breakfast specials - you will love it and it is such a VALUE!


              1. I have not been yet, but cannot wait to try The Screen Door on Burnside & 24th...Southern breakfast, grits and eggs and biscuits and greens etc.

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                1. Oh, go on over to the West side and try the Original Pancake House or Nancy Lee's on N.W. Glisan.

                  1. I recommend Old Wives' Tales, which is located at 1300 East Burnside (just east of that crazy intersection of Burnside and Sandy). They offer all of the standard breakfast fare as well as more interesting options, both savory and sweet. I like the Joe's scramble (eggs with spinach, mushrooms and asiago cheese) and the indian huevos rancheros (in addition to the classic huevos rancheros), which has corn tortillas topped with a red lentil and tomato dal, eggs any style and a house-made chutney of apples and pinapple. Their oven-baked pancake (German style) is tasty, as well as their poppy-seed pancakes (esp. with house-made lemon curd!). And their apple-wood smoked bacon is awesome. Service is consistently good, as well. And they're open at 8am every day of the week. Also, they SERVE BREAKFAST ALL DAY, which is neat.

                    I also recommend Zell's Cafe, which is located at 1300 SE Morrison. Breakfast includes complimentary mini-scones. They don't take reservations, so brunch is a hassle, but weekday breakfast shouldn't be too crowded. Sweet staff.