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Jul 20, 2006 05:18 PM

Portland Breakfest Spots

What are the Best palces for Breakfest NOT BRUNCH
Preferably the SE of Portland????

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  1. Genie's Cafe, at SE Division and 11th is a very good breakfast spot.

    1. Two places that I return to in SE:

      Utopia Cafe
      (503) 235-7606
      3308 SE Belmont St
      Portland, OR 97214

      J & M's Cafe
      537 SE Ash St
      Portland, OR 97214
      (503) 230-0463

      1. i really enjoy the Cricket Cafe, on SE Belmont. they have a large selection of dishes (egg and otherwise) with tasty, fresh ingredients. and their potatoes are always cooked perfectly...

        Cricket Cafe
        3159 SE Belmont
        (503) 235-9348

        1. Diane's Restaurant at about 52nd-53rd and SE Foster is not bad, and totally cazh. Your basic breakfast diner; not much there in the way of experimentation.

          1. I love the Cameo Cafe (though there are naysayers, and the staff is pretty spunky) at 8111 NE Sandy Blvd. Have the strong bread, no matter what you do. Get a loaf to go. Buy one for your mother.
            And this is not that far from SE Portland.