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Jul 20, 2006 05:02 PM

new on henry and warren?

has anyone been yet to the new italian place on henry and warren?
from walking by it looks really good but i haven't had the chance to give it a go since it opened up earlier this week.

just curious to get an early report...

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  1. just ate there this evening. we enjoyed it very much. much like Frankies 457 for those of you that frequent the franks. affordable wine list with nicer bottles should you splurge, friendly staff that knows the food, and a pleasant proprietor. the accoustics were a little loud, so not a good place to take the parents when they visit and i'm sure the menu will morph as the weeks go by, but if you live in the area it will probably become a favorite. i know it will be one of ours.

    1. Just ate there last night. Great vibe, nice staff and the sausage, broccoli rabe panini was outstanding. Also good selection of wines by the glass. Its a nice addition to an underserved part of Cobble Hill.

      1. what is the name of this great new place?

        1. Bocca Lupo I believe. I may be missing or adding a "C" or "P" in there. So far, cash only.

          1. Went last night and it was packed. It's all Italian wines and food, with about 25 varieties of red and 5 varities of white available.

            The food, consisting of bruschetta, panini and some small hot and cold plates was tasty. Not extraordinary, but solidly good. Portions were large. It's a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.