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new on henry and warren?

has anyone been yet to the new italian place on henry and warren?
from walking by it looks really good but i haven't had the chance to give it a go since it opened up earlier this week.

just curious to get an early report...

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  1. just ate there this evening. we enjoyed it very much. much like Frankies 457 for those of you that frequent the franks. affordable wine list with nicer bottles should you splurge, friendly staff that knows the food, and a pleasant proprietor. the accoustics were a little loud, so not a good place to take the parents when they visit and i'm sure the menu will morph as the weeks go by, but if you live in the area it will probably become a favorite. i know it will be one of ours.

    1. Just ate there last night. Great vibe, nice staff and the sausage, broccoli rabe panini was outstanding. Also good selection of wines by the glass. Its a nice addition to an underserved part of Cobble Hill.

      1. what is the name of this great new place?

        1. Bocca Lupo I believe. I may be missing or adding a "C" or "P" in there. So far, cash only.

          1. Went last night and it was packed. It's all Italian wines and food, with about 25 varieties of red and 5 varities of white available.

            The food, consisting of bruschetta, panini and some small hot and cold plates was tasty. Not extraordinary, but solidly good. Portions were large. It's a wonderful addition to the neighborhood.

            1. Rats. luvineatin stole my thunder. We JUST ate there. A party of 4 and had a great time. Plenty of food, 2 bottle of wine, 1 mixed drink and 5 mixed drinks they gave us on the house (and a free app they gave us for making a minor error with our wine.)

              Grand total? $133 before tip, or $33.25 a head. Absurdly good price considering the vibe, the quality of the food, and the owners (the rest of the staff needs a little help.)

              I'll try to post a bit more in the morning if I remember -- they really did ply us with a lot of drink. ;)

              Peter in the Heights

              1. We ate here last night and were a little disappointed. Pork shoulder (kind of tough, not great flavor), a totally average baked-penne-tomato-cream-sauce, and roasted artichokes with some OK dipping sauces. Nice plate of grilled vegetables, though, and a really good wine list. $60 w/tip for two - not worth it, compared to Frankie's 457 Spuntino on Court St, but we'll definitely try again - it has potential.

                1. There were only two of us, so we didn't have much of a chance to sample the menu, but we did discover the astoundingly small portions! A miniscule tarragon chicken salad that was served crustless on white bread (and would have fit in perfectly at the old B.Altman's tea lounge)was $7. My penne arbiata, which had a soupy, watery sauce, came in a tiny dish and was $9. For a neighborhood restaurant, this is pretty exhorbitant.

                  1. I finally got the chance to try this place out last night and had a very nice experience. Our waitress was very friendly and accommodating. Things were a bit slow and so we were offered a glass of prosecco on the house. We shared the artichoke, some mozzarella, tomato, basil and pesto bruschetta and the sweet sausage, cheese and broccoli rabe panini. We also split a bottle of chianti. The artichoke was the weakest part of the meal, being not very meaty and a little oily. And one of the dipping sauces seemed way to mayo-y to me too. The bruschetta was solid and the panini was *really* delicious. All in all, with a generous tip the meal came to $60. I will definitely be back, though it helps that it's right across the street.

                    1. Had our first visit last night and I don't think it will be long before we make our second -- in my view, this is a great addition to the neighborhood. The wine list (exclusively Italian) is comprehensive and reasonable (and the pours generous to the point of ridiculous in our experience). As for the food, the broccoli rabe panini was the hands-down winner of the dishes our foursome sampled. The balance of flavors and textures is simply divine -- nutty cheese, tangy broccoli rabe, and moist, meaty sausage... yum. The bread is outstanding, making any of the bruschettas and paninis a safe bet. Of the former, the creamy spinach and artichoke version was a perfect late-night summer snack. Given the lackluster reports on the rotating special mains and salady dishes, I'll likely stick to the bread-oriented dishes for now. Also, the staff are friendly and accommodating - they let us move around as our group grew and shrank and didn't mind that some were only drinking. I think the concept is perfect for a casual evening with a group of friends - an unpretentious spot to linger, snack, and drink.

                      1. We were there the other night, and all I can say is that this place was soooo pretentious and only medeocre at BEST! It is highly unlikely that we will be back. The mortadella tremanzini was prepared on STALE bread and it was awful. The pasta in the mac and cheese was totally overcooked, and the Roasted chicken panini's was bland and lacked something....Taste!! The wait staff looked bewidered and the service was just so so. Great atmosphere, but who wants to sit in a restaurant where the food is terrible??

                        1. We just went back on tuesday and it was PACKED. Had to wait about 15 minutes for a table, but the owner was very nice and accomodating about it. We had panini this time (the LLT and the sweet sausage) and they were really stellar with delicious, fresh ingredients and a lot of flavor.

                          Will definitely be inserted into our regular neighborhood rotation. Foodcritic143, what made it seem pretentious? I found the owners and staff really welcoming and friendly.

                          1. i just noticed that they are serving brunch too - has anyone been yet?