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Jul 20, 2006 04:56 PM

venison shoulder- any recipe ideas?

I have a frozen venison shoulder in my freezer that I would like to use sooner rather than later. Does anyone have any recipe ideas that are not stews or too labor intensive as I don't have A/C?

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  1. I did an Oscar Madison on a venison roast once. I juiced about three pounds of apple,then blended the juice with two pounds each of frozen blueberries and cherries and mixed that with a bottle of cream sherry and let the roast soak in it for about thirty hours. After that I put it ina bullet smoker and coated it with peanut oil once in awhile. It came out pretty good. If you don't have a smoker I imagine an oven will get you just as good a result between a medium-low and medium temp for a few hours.