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Jul 20, 2006 04:40 PM

Did my homework! Need help deciding on South American for Birthday

Hi - A group of 8-10 are going out on Saturday (6ish) for dinner. It's a surprise for my husband (who recently lost his job) so I want it to be special but NOT crazy expensive and he loves South American Food. Not too loud, as we'd like to talk and enjoy each other at the table. I searched through the archives and found the following (some of which I think don't exist any more?):

Not sure if they are still open -
Riconcito Peruano
Argentine Pavillion
Patria (not even sure this one was south american)

Restaurants I think are still open -
Cabana Carioca

Campo looked REALLY great from the review - is it still?

We're willing to go anywhere in Manhattan. And if you know of a great place close to your rec where we can hang out afterwards (cool hotel bar with sofas and chairs, that sort of thing) - that would be great.

Thanks in advance!!!

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  1. Patria is closed ... haven't tried the others.

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      pomaire is Chilean cusine. And is very good. the place is quite small, so depending on how large your group is.....
      there is a wide variety of dishes, plus stuff for vegetarians. A personal favorite of mine, bread is too die for, tomato salad delish! and all of the meat and veggie dishes are fab! Not to mention the pisco drinks and chilean wines!

    2. My husband just finished lunch at Campo - said it was nothing to write home about (he's Latin - Dominican). I'll try to get more details for you tonight.

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        FYI - the Campo I'm referring to is in/near Grand Central.

        1. Sorry for the serial posting, but another thought is Zebu Grill - Brazilian - v. good food - great chicken empanadas - you can see their menu on

          1. if you're talking about campo that was at 89 greenwich ave, it no longer exists. it changed to a latin american restaurant called good, i think at least six years ago. it's the same chef/owner as campo (steven picker), and i love it!