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Jul 20, 2006 04:37 PM

Looking for a fun restaurant in N Berkeley

We're taking a family friend shopping for a rain coat before she heads up to Humboldt for college. We also need a place for dinner around Northface in Berkely for a vegeterian and two kids - 3 and 9. I looked at Pyramid and Trex and neither have much for vegis. Maybe Rubys back in Emeryville unless anyone can recommend something different. I know we could do Thai, Chinese, or Japanese but wanted something else if possible. Thanks

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  1. Did you check out Sea Salt? Not really "North" Berkeley, but not that far down San Pablo. Nice place. Good, sometimes great, food. Lots of seafood (of course), and some salads for the vegetarians among you. And we've taken our kids there before without a problem.

    1. Actually there are a lot of vegetarian dishes on the menu at Pyramid, which is very kid-friendly.

      Another very veg- and kid-friendly place in the area is Picante:

      FYI we call that West Berkeley.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        I love Sea Salt but not so much with a vegi on board. I'll try Pyramid again. Thanks

      2. The food at Pyramid is mediocre at best. They can't even brew a decent beer.
        You're close enough to 4th St to consider O Chame and Eccolo. If she doesn't eat fish there are still plenty of excellent veg. items on the O Chame app menu. She would have no trouble making a good meal out of small plates.
        There are so few decent restaurants in Arcata, she should be able to enjoy one last good meal while she's in Berkeley.

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        1. re: Morton the Mousse

          She specifically said she'd prefer not Japanese. And O Chame's dubious anyway unless the kids are adventurous eaters.

          Eccolo isn't particularly kid-friendly and it's considerably fancier and more expensive than Pyramid or Rudy's.

          1. re: Morton the Mousse

            Pyramid's Nitro Stout is OK.

            Main reason I go to Pyramid is for air conditioning and/or because friends with kids are visiting.

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            1. I concur with Picante as a kid-friendly and veg-friendly place. I think you should also consider something in Albany since you're working your way North anyway. Zachary's is right there on Solano Ave. and is definitely kid friendly. Plus, the spinach stuffed pizza is quite good and vegetarian. We also had a very nice Chowdown at Ajanta at the top of Solano Ave. just past Zachary's and across the street. It has some excellent and different regional Indian food.

              a sante,

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              1. re: Curtis

                Solano is an excellent idea. Close to Northface, less expensive and more kid friendly than 4th st, better food than the drek on Gilman.