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Jul 20, 2006 04:29 PM

Dinner Tonight - Our daughter's 20th B-day Richmond Hill

Hi...I know of all "chain" restaurants here and wonder if anyone can recommend something else? We will be with two other teens as well...basically anything goes excpet Indian and we always eat Asian. Thank you!

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  1. sounds like brix (california fusiony type food) or nava (mexican/spanish type food)(same owners) would fit the bill....both are hwy 7 & leslie....not the most outstanding food but relatively tasty, fun & lively atmospheres (both are quite large venues).

    1. How about Terra? (Though I think it might be in Thornhill...)

      1. Tutto Bene, south of Hwy 7 on Yonge serves very delicious Italian cuisine. Their 'Grilled seafood medley with lobster bouillabaise broth appertizer' and 'Blackened Chilean seabass with mango/pineapple salsa entree' are both great dishes.
        Richmond Grill, north of Major Mackenzie on Yonge, is also worthy of consideration. One of the best grilled calamari in the GTA. Their version, grilled then tossed in butter with whole roasted garlic, anchovies, olives and diced tomatoes. Yummy!!
        Both restaurants feature specials of the day with the meat dishes always accompanied with a great sauce.
        Terra, though the food is great, is a totally different beast. Very expensive, comparable to downtown 3-4 stars restaurants!
        Happy Chowing!