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Jul 20, 2006 04:28 PM

Going to Maine in Mid-October

A friend of mine and I are going to Maine in Mid-October. We will be staying on Chebeague Island in a cottage. We plan to rent a car. Food wise, we are interested in good, but casual. Lobster (of course)and fin fish also as my friend has a mild shellfish allergy. Good wine is a plus but not necessary as we will be stocking the cottage ourselves.

Information would be great on local markets, good blueberry stuff, and ABC laws concerning the selling of wine and a couple of good local wine shops. Neither of us has been to Maine (I am coming from Richmond, VA she is coming from Orange County, CA)and want a nice relaxing girls weekend with some good grub and wine.

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  1. Janet from Richmond, I looked up where you are going and you have quite a ferry boat ride to get there, You will be out in the middle of Casco Bay. Not an easy place to go back and forth to from the main land. You will be near Portland as thats where the ferry leaves from. I would sugest that you contact someone on the island and they may be able to give you some places there you can visit. for your supplies. There are many places in the Portland area you could eat at. Im sorry that i am only fimiliar with southern Maine. But I wish you good luck and I hope this note helps you a little.

    1. Good fresh fish can be found at Falmouth Sea Grill. The fish is super fresh and simply prepared. Not inexpensive but certainly friendly, casual atmosphere including outdoor deck w/ views of Casco Bay islands and Portland. They also have lobsters and other shellfish (good mussels appetizer, especially if local Blue Hill mussels).

      In Yarmouth, try Clayton's Market for gourmet/upscale sandwiches, salads, picnic-makings along w/ assorted "gourmet goodies"/gifts.

      Also in Yarmouth is Royal River Grill w/ outdoor deck overlooking marina. Fish/seafood but also good steaks, chops, etc. Also lunch, bar menu, and I believe Sunday brunch.

      There is a Farmers Market on Saturdays in Cumberland Center...not sure how late into season they go. Also in Cumberland Center don't miss Sweetser's Apple Orchard...great cider, many apple varieties which should be in season, maple syrup, etc.

      Also I'm sure you realize this area is literally minutes from downtown Portland and all it offers. Enjoy your visit.

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        Claytons--you can skip.
        Royal River Grill is very good and on the water.
        Falmouth Sea Grill is also very good and on the water.
        Seagrass Grill in Yarmouth-I think you will like very much..

        1. re: irwin

          Irwin, I haven't been to Clayton's in awhile but when I lived in Yarmouth it was a reliable source of better than average sandwiches and their wine shop had some good bargains. What has changed?

          1. re: HDinCentralME

            Well, as you know, employees are everything today. When they were in downtown Yarmouth, the owner was in the kitchen, and either made or watch everything go out. They moved to Rt 1 and not only got bigger, but needed more help. My wife and I went to lunch there a few weeks back, and got salads. They were terrible, small, tasteless, skimpy, and when they were delivered to the table, they were dropped like hot potatoes.... No communication, like "enjoy", or is there anything I can get you. I also thought the chicken salad that they are famous for was terrible, but the macaroni salad that I took home was very good. They do have some fresh baked goods, wine, candy, some gourmet nuts, bread from one of the local bakeries, plus their sandwiches, salads, etc. I think they reached a point where the personal service has had to go out the window because they got busy, and need to hire more employees fast. There are too many other nice places to shop and eat, and I took this joint off my list. The place that they moved from is now HAGGERTY'S. Again, the owner is in house, and small enought to control quality. This new shop seems to be doing very well. Down the road a little is a fabulous BBQ joint called "Bucks Naked BBQ".
            Had lunch there today, and its excellent. The pulled chicken, pulled pork, ribs, and corn bread is to die for.
            Sorry Clayton's--you don't need my business.

            1. re: irwin

              Thanks for the update on Clayton's. That's too bad.

              Yes, Bucks Naked BBQ is very good.