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Looking for best Margarita in Houston

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Needless to say, this is very, very important. I know of some decent places, but most of the people I know are more foodies than drink aficionados and it has been hard to get recs. I feel like there has got to be a place out there that is known for their ritas. Any suggestions?

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  1. Looking for the best margarita in Houston, are you? Go to Hugo's on Westheimer at Mandel. Interior mexican food, really, really good, outstanding unusual Sunday brunch for about $25/person, and a big selection of tequilas and really great margaritas. My daughter-in-law from San Francisco demands to be taken to Hugos as a condition of coming to Houston to visit. Love this place, check it out.

    1. Ditto the props for Hugo's. Even if you don't go for brunch, go for the prickly pear margaritas and the duck empanadas.
      Divine place.

      1. You should also try Marie Selma on Richmond between Woodhead and Dunlavy. They have an excellent selection of unusual tequillas, use only fresh squeezed lime juice and will make a margarita to "order." Friendly staff, nice appetizers...outside seating if Houston weather is cooperating.

        1. I'll add a vote for Marie Selma for a very good margarita and good food. I am no fan of Hugo's, though, because it's pretentious and overpriced for the flavor of the food. There are so many better places for Mexican food or Tex-Mex that care more about your meal than "atmosphere."

          Frankly, I could care less about prickly pear margaritas. I want a real one made with fresh lime juice and decent tequila, and if you are very lucky, a bar with Paula's Texas Orange instead of triple sec or cointreau. It's distilled in Austin and awesome.

          I would say the best margaritas are probably lovingly made in someone's kitchen.

          1. Our favorite place for margaritas is Pico's Mex-Mex at 5941 Bellaire. They have a great margarita menu...all made from scratch...none of that nasty margarita mix! They also have the best soft-shelled crabs in town!



            1. It's been awhile since I've been, got tired of so-so staff and hit or miss food..... but I remember Tila's ( I may be misspelling it) at the curve on Shepherd to have excellent margaritas. I would imagine they're still good and maybe some of the other issues have been taken care of.

              1. Frozen, with salt, at Spanish VIllage on Alemeda. I'm not much on ritas, to tell the truth (make mine a Bohemia with lime) but the ones at SV are in a class by themselves and have been for decades.

                1. I agree with the others - try Hugo's on Westheimer at Mandel. They are excellent! Pico's Mex-Mex on Bellaire is also reliable if you are in the mood for a more casual place (than Hugo's). I find most restaurant margaritas too sweet. Hugo's and Pico's drinks tend to be more tart/sour - I like that.

                  The worst margarita I ever had was at Sylvia's Enchilada Kitchen. It tasted like a watered-down packet of lemon "Kool-Aid". I seriously doubt it even had Tequila in it.