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Jul 20, 2006 04:08 PM

Need Reading recommendations

A friend of mine is getting ready to turn 50 and lives in Reading. I was considering a gift certicate (in the $100/range)for a nice dinner for her and her husband. They aren't big wine people (he likes beer, she isn't picky) and they aren't into much ethnic food. An elegant steakhouse or Italian or possibly even French would most likely fit the bill.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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  1. There's not much in's my recs

    Judy's on Cherry (downtown)
    Green Hills Inn Rt 10
    Porch Near Myerstown

    The Porch is great..only open about a year and the Chef worked
    at Le Bec Fin in Phila. I like this one alot !

    If you would need directions or a phone number you can email
    me at

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    1. re: Marilyn

      I agree totally with the Judy's rec, but will disagree that there's not much in Reading. Have not tried the other places, but have heard good things.

      One of the chatawhile places would be good as well.

      1. re: Ace_Mclean

        What else do you like in Reading ? maybe I'm missing

    2. Sorry for getting off the original topic, perhaps I should not have brought it up :]
      I rarely spend more than 50 bucks for dinner, so those are the only 100 dollar non-ethnic suggestions I had. You could probably spend that much at the Alpenhof (which is sorta ethnic), but other good places like Speckled Hen, Panda Heaven, Viva, and Austins are much more affordable.

      1. There is a good pan-asian restaurant near the outlets in Wyomissing area. sorry I don't have the name!

        1. Ace already nailed it: Panda Heaven 350 N Park Rd Wyomissing